Monday, November 21, 2011

ramblings of an average monday night..

since the last time i spoke to you all,
its become fall, the leaves are gone, its cold, and i get out of bed f r e e z i n g.
i just hope winter goes as fast as summer did.

a friendship is going to be rekindled this weekend.. and therefore, i'm so, very excited about that. with ms. marie. i love her to death and when we're together, *fdafjksd*, i can't describe. she is one of my dearest friends and she is a beautiful person inside and out. i just thought i should make that known to the world, and i hope that when she reads this, her heart melts, because mine did when i wrote it.
@Ms. Marie, I MISS YOU. this weekend is going to be splendid.

anyway, my life is average. go to school, eat, study, meetings, service, gossip girl, sleep
thats pretty much my life. and i'm pretty happy with that. i don't have it that bad.
speaking of gossip girl, do any of you watch it? because.. you should. i'm highly addicted to it, and all 80something episodes are on netflix and easily accessible. thank goodness. i started the first season October 26th, and i'm already about to finish season 4. is that bad? i hope not... its just a wonderful show.

so how's your fall been? catch me up. :)
i'd love to know.. if you have any funny stories and such, contact me and i wanna hear.
have a lovely evening.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!

1.   Nothing says fall like      changing leaves.. cinnamon fragrances.. the not too cold, but not sweltering hot weather..

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is   Elijay fall festival. :) And the fairs. :)

3.  My favorite fall treat is   any thing loaded with cinnamon. 

4. Fall makes me think of       cuddling with that special someone, scarves, boots, leg warmers, sweaters, messy hair, losing your tan, and all the festivities that take place.
5.  Autumn free form word association, go!    crunchy leaves, cool crisp air, sunshine, changing colors .

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is     skinny jeans, thick layers, scarf, messy-wind-blown hair, legwarmers, and boots. always works.

7.  My favorite fall holiday is well I don't celebrate holidays..

Well, there you have it. 
The first Fill In The Blank Friday I have done in months. 

If you'd like to play along, head on over to The Little Things We Do blog.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday :)

Yellow Hoodie: Delia's, Grey Jeans: Old Navy

How your hair looks after a day at school and not even caring.
The wind blowing your homework all over the deck.
Listening to frogs 'get it on' outside your window. Seriously, its kind of disturbing. No lie.
Seniors passing you in lines at school.
Your dad doing Zumba moves in a resturaunt.

Feeling great after working out.
Nutella and grapes.
40+ blog views in one day.
Graphics & Design.
The weather that is oh, soooo purrrrfect! :)


This week has been a great week, I hope you all can say the same! :)

It started off at the beginning..
I had a good workout with the family & MommaJenn.
In construction, Tuesday, I learned how to do Crosscuts with a circular saw. Scary stuff.
I made a 100 on a Honors Lit. quiz.
90 on a Graphics & Design quiz.
Wednesday, I made a 93 on my Honors Biology quiz. (Which, I study a lot. Way too much actually)

Annnnd, today... :)
It was an A day, so it was bound to be good. We spent construction block cutting wood and being retarded, and it was great. Oh, in Literature we painted 90% of the girls finger nails in that class, my lovely blue color. Totally awesome. Starting a new trend to where you match nail polish.

And tomorrow is Friday..!

Football Friday, that is. :)
Thankfully, its a home game. Really excited about that. Annnd.. Then (hopefully) spending the night with Kelsi. Drama pancake breakfast with her Saturday morning. Swimming at Kristen's after. Sunday (meeting :)) and then Momma Lori and Fatman are off to Atl for massages.
So I'm just a bit excited about the weekend.
I'm just excited about life.
You all should be too.
Life is a good thing.

Have a wonderful day. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

I live in the south. As most of you know, the south is experiencing some lets just say.... not so lovely weather. Thankfully, the glorious Peach State is not getting the worst of it, but we are getting heavy rain. Its poured a-l-l-d-a-y.

But, I actually have made the most of this wonderful rainy day, oh I was off school today since its a holiday.
Anyway, what have I done today?

I put on my bathing suit and danced in the rain.. No joke.

I mean.. Why not? It wasn't thundering or lightening, so don't even try to use that excuse.

Dancing in the rain really brought some laughs.. & you know what they say, "Laughing is good for the soul."

Ohhh, it is. :)

I also, learned how to wash. Yes, I am 14 and just not learning to wash, but I probably won't keep it up since I shrunk quiiiiite a few shirts. They weren't even mine, either. Haha!

& lastly,
I have reminisced a lot today!
Do you ever have the urge to get on facebook and look at old pictures?
Because I definitely did today.
Some of my favorites were..

Bestfrann's first concert, Bamboozle Roadshow May, 2011. :)

Savannah in October of 2010

Eli and I, fall of 2010.

Skydeck Chicago, spring of 2011. :)

8th Grade Dance, spring of 2011.

BESTFRANN. Winter 2011? (not exactly sure)

Mason Jimmy Choo <3 Winter 2011

Destin, Florida Summer 2011.

When you look back at pictures and other things, you notice things.. Maybe some have changed and maybe some are still the same old way.
I noticed that,

my hair is longer,
I wear more makeup,
I am more concerned about the way I look,
I am more slim, 
Kesia's hair was way shorter,
I still smile the same way,
me and Kesia still take a lot of pictures and bake a lot of things,
I actually got waaaay more tan than last year..

and I'm sure there are a lot more, I just don't notice.

Goodnight, everyone.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Being ignored.
Is an awful thing.
For anyone.
No matter if its from a crush, a family member, or just a close friend.
Its not right.

Its one thing if you have a reason to do so, but even if so, why not be the bigger person and forgive and forget. I mean, its life. You can't go on holding grudges for whatever reason.

Anyway, some things I don't understand and I probably never will.
I'm also probably over analyzing this entire situation way more than necessary.
But, I'm human, and I'm also a girl.. We are kind of known for being over-analyitical and worriers.
I can't help it. When you have a bond to a person, (or think you do at least).. It kind of hurts you, when they ignore you.


Pysched For Fall

I'm so excited for September and the upcoming months.
Even though I'm really gonna miss the really good times that I had over the summer, I'm really excited about this fall and winter. I think that since I was around the beach and hot, sticky, Georgia weather, I'm gonna be loving the ice cold winter. Last year we got three snows and I totally hope we get that this year.

So, in the upcoming months, I will be, recieving my learner's permit (:D), a few steps closer to graduating high school, attending every home Yellow Jacket Football game... 
& I hope to be trying some new stuff.

I know another thing I really, really want to do to is go to the Ellijay Annual Apple Festival. Its so much fun and this year it should be very fun since I will probably be going with Bestfrann. :)

Alsssso, I am super, duper excited about moving into the basement, & yes of course, I have said many times that I was going to. (Like, last April, May??) Finally, mom just said, "If you don't mind that the rest of the basement is unfinished, then that's fine." I flipped. Incredibly amazing. :D
I have a few ideas of what I want.. Okay, I have a lot of ideas of what I want.

I really can't wait to begin the year of 2012. (If we don't die. Cause everyone believes that crap about the world ending. HA!) I think its going to be a lovely and very fun year. I just really hope its as fun as 2011 was. 

Definitely a year to remember. :) 

I hope everyone has a lovely day, today. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sickness & Happiness.

So, you guys, I'm sick.
Probably a mixture of being around Mr. Christopher and being around Kristen on Friday. Anyway, whatever it is, its got me feeling yucky. But hey, whats the excuse to be unhappy?

That's right. There's not one. I was told today, to "Beeee happyy (:" and you better believe that's what I'm gonna do. Just because, yanno, I can't exactly breathe through my nose or

BTW. It's 11:11pm.


.. Anywho, it hurts to swallow, but, hey I have reasons to smile, laugh, and be happy. :)
A particular happy song I've been listening to lately is "Stereo Heart" by Adam Levigne ft. Gym Class Heroes. Its such a cute song and is uplifting.. So, just some inspiration to get yo happy face on. :)

Hope everyone has had a great day & and continues to do so!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Get Pumped.

Tonight is the first real football game of the Yellow Jackets' season!
I'm so pumped, I got my jacket tatto and my black & gold beads on. When it comes 7:30, I'll be cheering for those boys! :)

Its so cool now, that I'm at the High School, its like you have a personal bond with the players, band members, cheerleaders, and majorettes because you walk the halls.. TOGETHER.. No matter which grade you're in. So it feels good going out and supporting them. And not to brag or anything, but the freshmen definitely took over the team this year.

We had the annual 'get pepped' Pep Rally and we are reminded everytime we have assemblies/pep rallies that its all about the seniors and today... Oh boy. There was a dance off. With seniors and the teachers. I'm just gonna say that I cannot absolutely wait til I'm a senior, oh and by then, we will be in the brand new school. :D Not that crappy auditorium.

Anyway, Miss Kristen will be picking me up shortly and we will be headed over to the Phil Reeves Stadium.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Ginger is back..

Ah! Hey. Anna is back in the blogging world..

I haven't blogged in April and so many things have happened since then!

But now that I'm school again, as a FRESHMAN! Wuddup.
Anyway, it might be a little bit easier to blog regularly so I'm gonna try to blog more!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Do any of you ever feel like closing down your blog because you have NOTHING to blog about? Because..I totally feel this way. And I am about 5 minutes away from shutting down.

If anyone has any ideas on how to cure this 'issue'..
Or if anyone would like to join/combine blogs..
Or if anyone would like to guest post (I have a template I can email)..

Let me know :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Made It.

We're alive.
The worst of the storms flew passed us..We never entered the basement.
Although there is still rain, it'll be okay. We're keeping close watch on the radar :)

But..I'm tired..
As far as I know, we will have school tomorrow.
So I have to get up in 5 hours.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Georgia Rain

Well, you've most likely heard, but just in case that you live in a rock..And you haven't heard..

Pretty much the entire Northwest regions of Georgia are either under a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning.
Calhoun, Adairsville (where my bestfran and her family are located.), Cartersville..And other regions surrounding are experienceing terrible damage or will experience it soon.

Prayers please.

Also, about 3 hours ago..This huge Cyclone hit Tuscaloosa, AL. University Of Alabama (The Crimson Tide) was damaged horrificly. It moved towards Birmingham. About 40 fatalites.
It also hit Gadsden (where my family is located) everyone is safe though. BUT severe damage!

******We are headed to the basement******

If you are in the Georgia/Alabama region, my heart goes out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Conclusions Of The Weekend & The Beginning Of A New Week

I have to say, this was a nice..Peaceful weekend. I didn't go anywhere [for once]. But it was nice.

Me and the Parents, just..Chilled.
I became addicted to Tumblr. && mine doesn't look like a failure anymore :)
The backyard is a weee-bit closer to being done.
I mastered some wonderful Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies AND Crinkle Cookies.
I recieved my letter from Cali :) Made me haaaaaaaaaappy.
I have found some awesome inspiring bedroom looks for my basement bedroom..
I ordered a new comforter..Its great.
Mom leaked what she's getting me for 8th grade graduation. Haha. I feel so cheesy.
I have realized that Adele is just an amazing musical artist. [Set Fire To The Rain is my favorite song by her]

This week should be pretty interesting. Its the last week of April..So..Its getting to the end of the school year [thank goodness], and so grades are done, and the chilling begins.
The dance is coming up in two weeks. I have to get my dress altered, order my shoes, and find a gorgeous necklace to complete the look. I have a hair appointment on Thursday. Which, I am SUPER excited about because I think I have figured out what I want my hair to look like..

hairstyles for medium length hair Long Hair Cuts That Give Shape to Thick Hair I just love the bangs..I don't think I'm gonna go that short though, because I have tried so hard to get my hair to the length it is right now, and I want it to keep growing. But its just going to get an inch or so off, because of split ends and all. But I'm excited about a visit to Shag Salon :)

Well. I'm off to bed :) Night.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Mixed Up Tuesday's Thoughts.

Have any of you noticed that right now is the perrrrrrrrrrrr-fect weather for camping?
Well. If not, it is.

I would give anything to not be in Georgia right now..&& with..
Jordan & His family.
Bill & Faye.
Uncle Tom :) aka..My other father.
Uncle John. Mhmm :)
Annnnd..All the other lovely people I camp with at Thanksgiving. 

I don't know what the point of the post is..-But, here lately..I have been keeping the saying, "Everything Happens For A Reason." in mind, sooo..- Maybe, just maybe..I might go camping soon :) It'd be amazing. It would give me a chance to 'take care of things that needed to be taken care of a looooooong time ago'...Make. New. Memories...Get away from 'the daily grind'...Spend time with the second family and close -very close- friends.

I miss them all. And if any of you are reading this *InsertSmileys&Winkeys*, I would love to inform you of the fact that I love you & I miss you :)


Ah..Today just was not a good day, but yet..It wasn't bad? I don't know. But I just know that nothing good came from it, except the meeting and dinner afterwards..But I do know, that I didn't get completely depressed OR pissed off, *AtAll*..Hahahaha. Ha. Haha..Ha. 

Well, tomorrow's exam is Math. And I know for sure that I will not be going to 9th grade, because I know nothing about Math and I will fail. Epicly.

Well..Goodnight :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th

April happenings:

Spring Break
Final tests for High School
The Memorial (which is tonight)
Mine and Kesia's "Friend-iversay" (April 15, 2010)
Summer gets a tad bit closer & we all start whining just a little bit more for it to hurry.

&& a few other things..

Anyway..Its a very busy month, as you can see. Pretty much every weekend I have something planned. [But that's pretty good, though.]

First Weekend- I was in Gadsden.
Second Weekend- I was in Chicago :]
Third Weekend- [Current] KyLeigh came over Friday, Jasmin's girls night was last night, and Memorial is tonight.
Fourth Weekend- It will be Miss Kristen's weekend. Because we haven't hung out in a looong time..Cause for spring break, she was on a cruise.
Fifth Weekend- The Bestfran's house. She knows who she is ;]

Obviously, I'm a busy 14 year old.

Anyway, more about this weekend. Last night..Jasmin curled my hair :] It felt great..I don't have any pictures as of right now. But you can check out this post  to see what it looked like. We watched Outsourced after eating some yummy Quesidillas courtesy of me and Jasmin :]

More about today.. As you read earlier, tonight is The Memorial. [At 7:45]. But in the present time.. I have been helping dad with the gardena and getting the backyard straightened up. Oh my..Is it hot outside. :[ But my hair is still a bundle of curls and I really wish I could leave it like this for tonight, but I don't think its gonna happen. I'll just have my same old, plain straightened hair. Boo.

Okay..That's all for now :]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To the Public.

I would just lovely to publicly announce that I love, Kesia. 

Last night..When I was having a terrible day..[She had obviously seen all of my tweets about it. There were numerous.] She just sent me a very, very lovely text..It read..

Btw. Are you OK, dear? I know you've been having  a rough day... I is worried about you.

How sweet is that? She's obviously a veryy, veryy goooood friend :) I replied..

I'm fine..Just NOT my day..Mainly 'cause we got in waaay late and I'm quite tired..But don't we worried!

She said..

Ok...Well. I hope tomorrow is WAY better for you. GET SOME BEAUTY SLEEP, LADY!!! :) XOXO.

I love her. :) 
I also love her blog. 
You should too.

Check it.

Click here.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of those days..

Those days where you really don't wanna have anything to do with anyone, BUT yourself..You get really upset -very easily..Everyday things [putting on makeup, figuring out what to wear, cleaning, etc..] annoys you. Yeah..That's been me. All. Day. [Eeekk..]

Ugh..I guess it could be due to the fact that we didn't get home til 12am this morning from Chicago, because of the weather and all. [Btw, scariest car ride of my life. No lie.] Anyway, yeah..I got very little sleep. On top of that..It was my first day back from Spring Break, and I swear it hit my like a freight train..I can't stand school. I just really don't know how I'm gonna make it four more years. Oh geez.

*PositiveThinking* I'll do great. I have great friends that'll get me through high school.

Okay. I'm going to bed. [And yes, I am very aware that this post makes no sense at all. Just ignore it. And never, ever speak of it again. K? Thanks.]

BTW. Just to make this day worse. My phone broke. DEAR GOD. Worst. Day. Ever.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I have decided that I want to do a little "Weekly..Post? Type thingy?"..Obviously its going to be called *SomethingNewSunday*..

Well, we all know the phrase, "You learn something new everyday." Right? Well..There are probably A LOT of things you learn about yourself in a week. Since Sunday is like the ending/beginning of a new week, I figured I could just post a few things I learned about myself, and then all of you lovely followers can link up in the comments column and play along. I think it'd be great...Soo...Here we go.

What I have learned...

1. I really, really want to make it my goal to visit the Chicago beach this summer. I want to so bad -hence, the picture I used for this week. Isn't it just gorgeous? And, it would just be beyond amazing to visit it with..Ms. Kesia :) And I know she agrees..Haha.

2. I love brunch..Being in Chicago..Well, more importantly, on vacation, you don't really wake up early? Right? So you never really get to eat a correct breakfast, soooo..You have a brunch. And Chicago is just the Brunch Central..Its great. And now, I'm obsessed. 

3. I can work pastel colors...I got an adorable pink, polo-ish shirt from H&M yesterday..I can totally work it.

4. I am addicted to music. I cannot live without it. 

5. My "black skinny jeans" aren't black. They're navy blue. I have been living a lie. Its very depressing..And also it made me feel uncoordinated because I was wearing black flats and..They just didn't match at all...

Well, there you have it folks! There will be more facts on different weeks..Just depends. :) If you would like to play along, you can just link up in the comments section! [I'd love that, fyi]



Instead of going to Kesia's for the weekend like mentioned in the previous posts..

Mommy called me and said, "Pack your bags. Mommy, Jessie, and Kari are going to see Oprah!" 
My first thought: OMG. I haven't been to Chicago in FIVE YEARS. Holyyy cow.
So, I, of course..Got out my suitcase, and started a'packing. :) Mom did get to see Oprah, but while she was at Harpo Studios..Me and Papi..
-Went and had brunch at Wishbone.
-Went shopping.
-Went to the Shedd Aquarium.

Then..We met back up with the crew and went to Wishbone for an afternoon snack [The Mac-N-Cheese is fantastic..For those of you if you ever are on Washington Ave. in Chicago..] :)

Then we dropped off Uncle Jessie [Thaaaaaaaaaaat's my maaaan! :)] and headed back to Rachael and Kari's place..And did nothing for the rest of the evening. Ha! Although, we had some fantastic pizzas from Trader Joes, watched some lovely Glee re-runs, and snoozed. Haha. 
This morning, we got up..Rachael and Kari went on a few studies, but me, Mommy, Papi, and Uncle Jessie went and had a lovely brunch at Lou Mitchell's [if you would like to eat here..MAKE RESERVATIONS. You will not believe how big of a difference this makes. If not..You'll end up outside of the resturaunt waiting for a loooooong while..], but it was some great food. 

After that..Uncle Jessie and Papi dropped me and Mommy off downtown and we shopped..[And to be honest, of all the hundreds of times I have came to Chicago, I have only like went shopping downtown, ONCE. Terrible, right?] We only had time to go to H&M, Tiffany's [ooh-la-freaking-la], and XXI Forever...[Aka, FOREVER 21..] The sign here, actually says, "XXI Forever"..So adorable. But the reason we didn't have enough time to shop 'til we dropped is because..

Rachael and Kari, being the total sweethearts they are..Decided to kidnap just me for the rest of the day..Annnnd, took me to a High Tea at The Ritz Carlton on E. Peirson..Oh. My. Goodness. [Ah-mazing.] It was one of the greatest experiences ever. So fancy, peaceful, and shabby chic. I totally recommend it for a "Girl's Day Out"..I had Bombay Chai tea..They also bring you a 3-tiered platter with many treats..Finger Sandwiches, Pastries, and Biscuits. So lovely
And after that, we went to Skydeck Chicago..Oooh..Amazingness..

Anyway..I'm just chilling in my bed..Thinking about how tomorrow is our last day..So brunch in the morning and then last minute treks around town to get a few more pictures..:)

I am happy to say that I've had an amazing Spring Break 2011.

Here's to good friends, family, and traveling.

P.S..@ Kesia..Thank you for my lovely shout-out :) I love you girl, and I totally miss you too. Annnd..I can't wait til our AMAZING trip up here this summer. IT. WILL. HAPPEN. :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Before you start assuming things about the title of the post, let me just go ahead and say its referring to like..Scratching something off a list, kay? Kay.

Anyway..Back to the point of the post..

As you read in the previous post, I was supposed to go see Secondhand Serenade this weekend..Welll..Those plans kind of got squished.
So, as I was freaking out tremendously, Kesia..Being the great friend and all..Consoled me. :') She brought up the idea of Coming to her house for the weekend, going to her JOB and using HER store credit [hehe, marvelous] then making a Target run..A goodwill run..All those lovely places in Cartersville..Oh! And the 1.50 movie here in Calhoun. Wonderful idea? I think yes. :)

By the wayy..She will be driving me, officially, for the first time..Legally. Pshh..We're cool :D

SO. I'm excited. And I'm really wishing that this sloooooooooooooow, boooooooooooooooring week will HURRY.

Like, seriously, I'm not doing anything else that cool, except going to Zumba tomorrow and Thursday morning. Haha. Like a bosssss. XD

What Makes Me Happy..


Weekends with friends.

Weekends with *best* friends.

Weekends with *best* friends at Six Flags.

Weekends with *best* friends at Six Flags, attending free concerts.

Weekends with *best* friends at Six Flags, attending free concerts, such as Secondhand Serenade.


Be jealous of me and my best friend. 

Be jealous of me and my best friend spending Saturday at Six Flags.

Be jealous of me and my best friend spending Saturday at Six Flags, hearing Secondhand Serenade. :D

Ohh..You guess it. We're going to see Secondhand Serenade this Saturday at Six Flagss!!!

I. Cannot. Wait.

Now..We just have to get tickets..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh, you know..That ugly mustard color.

Yes, we allllllllllll know that ugly shade of yellow, that's a bit brighter than butterscotch, yet a bit darker than that gorgeous daisy-yellow we all know and love..

This color? Yeeeeeeeeah..That color. Haha..Well good news, I. Can. Rock. It.


Redheads got tha powa.

Although I own nothing in this shade..I do really, really want something. Like this coat. Wouldn't it be adorable for fall?! Oooh-La-La, *WANT*.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten Facts On A Tuesday!

Everyonee, this is my first Ten Facts on a Tuesday post..But hopefully there will be many more :) You can find the original post here..

Here we go:

1. The picture above was taken by me..In my bathroom..Using my phone.I am not seen in the picture above, because I'm wearing "Workout Clothes"

2. I believe this post is very, very faulty. [Sorries..But..Yeah..]

3. Today was terrible..

4. I HATE Math..Yet somehow, I manage to ALWAYS do amazing? It doesn't make sense.

5. Weekends well-spent with your best girlfriend..Are the bomb. Especially when you look back and reflect on all the gorgeous pictures :)

6. I can't wait til Summer. [My friends driving me around, lonnnnnnnnng service days with Kesia, sleeping late, Zumba classes in the mornings, walking the neighbor's dogs for community service..] Oooh..The possibilities..

7. Sometimes I take for granted how great my family really is..And I should probably be more thankful than I am..

8. I couldn't go a week without meat.

9. Mine and Kesia's "Owl Cake no. 2" FAILED.

10. I really, really, really like doing this. :)

Stay tuned for next week's :) 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just A Little Dosage Of *Happy*


I hope these brought some happiness into your night..I know they brought some into mine..:'D

Anywho, I seriously feel like an alive zombie. I'm not even joking. After getting about 8 hours of sleep for the entire weekend except for last night..I'm alive on the outside, but dead on the inside. 

A few ways you know you're an alive zombie...

  1. You crawl into bed thinking your WET towel ..[that you just used to dry your hair with] your blanket.
  2. You literally can't figure out what 4+5 is.
  3. You enter the wrong class..Twice.
  4. You force the back of your phone on upside down. [Yes. This took me awhile, buuuut..I sucessfully did this.]
  5. You *bawl* to your mother about how bad you DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.
  6. Everything is annoying to you.
  7. You sit on your bed for 10 freaking minutes doing nothing but "thinking about what you're fixing to do" then you realize that nothing has went through your head.
  8. You're amused with a plain, yellow, No. 2 pencil with a purple eraser.
  9. You feel stoned. [Oh, and you get looks from people..That think you're stoned..]
  10. You try to put both legs into one leg of your jeans..

Yeah. I'm tired. And apparently look stoned..Haha. 
I'm off :)
Hope everyone had a superb Monday and has a spectacular Tuesday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two Gojuss Girls & A Beautiful Day (:

This has been a fantastic day (:

Willy Wonka & Some GREAT Friends

So. I have been having a fantastic weekend, what about you?

Mine has went a little like this..
Friday night, my school had their Spring Musical Alice In Wonderland which I did most of the sets for, and it really turned out amazing, and I will have pictures later on..

Saturday, my padre brought me down to A-Ville, and we met the Stronens..Janika came over..We drew some fo-sho-ly adorable posters of random adorableness..Malique [spelling?] came over..WILLLY WONKA PLAY!! Christopher played the candyman camera man, he did a great job, and the whole thing turned out wonderful. Then we got home..It was probably 11?
We had already concluded that we wanted to watch a Scary Movie. After sending out texts, tweets, etc..We finally decided on one. BUT, we couldn't get it to load on Christopher's computer. So then we decided on another one, yet. Janika was already out, Kesia was baking.
What do me and Christopher do?
Frogger. Heck to the yes. :)

Anyways, we got our other movie to play..15 minutes into it, I was out. And apparently, I didn't miss much. Haha. But the next thing I know, I wake up at 3.. Laying in the floor, banket-less and pillow-less. Oh it was wonderful. Did I mention there was an arm slung across my face? Well..That happened too. Then..I wake up at 7, and I'm sandwiched in between two humans. Wonderful. And I'm STILL pillow-less, and blanket-less..Ahh..

BUT, it was soooooo worth it. Last night/this morning, was great :)

Wonderful Night.
'Nough said.