Monday, September 5, 2011

Pysched For Fall

I'm so excited for September and the upcoming months.
Even though I'm really gonna miss the really good times that I had over the summer, I'm really excited about this fall and winter. I think that since I was around the beach and hot, sticky, Georgia weather, I'm gonna be loving the ice cold winter. Last year we got three snows and I totally hope we get that this year.

So, in the upcoming months, I will be, recieving my learner's permit (:D), a few steps closer to graduating high school, attending every home Yellow Jacket Football game... 
& I hope to be trying some new stuff.

I know another thing I really, really want to do to is go to the Ellijay Annual Apple Festival. Its so much fun and this year it should be very fun since I will probably be going with Bestfrann. :)

Alsssso, I am super, duper excited about moving into the basement, & yes of course, I have said many times that I was going to. (Like, last April, May??) Finally, mom just said, "If you don't mind that the rest of the basement is unfinished, then that's fine." I flipped. Incredibly amazing. :D
I have a few ideas of what I want.. Okay, I have a lot of ideas of what I want.

I really can't wait to begin the year of 2012. (If we don't die. Cause everyone believes that crap about the world ending. HA!) I think its going to be a lovely and very fun year. I just really hope its as fun as 2011 was. 

Definitely a year to remember. :) 

I hope everyone has a lovely day, today. 

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