Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Georgia Rain

Well, you've most likely heard, but just in case that you live in a rock..And you haven't heard..

Pretty much the entire Northwest regions of Georgia are either under a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning.
Calhoun, Adairsville (where my bestfran and her family are located.), Cartersville..And other regions surrounding are experienceing terrible damage or will experience it soon.

Prayers please.

Also, about 3 hours ago..This huge Cyclone hit Tuscaloosa, AL. University Of Alabama (The Crimson Tide) was damaged horrificly. It moved towards Birmingham. About 40 fatalites.
It also hit Gadsden (where my family is located) everyone is safe though. BUT severe damage!

******We are headed to the basement******

If you are in the Georgia/Alabama region, my heart goes out.

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