Monday, March 21, 2011

Just A Little Dosage Of *Happy*


I hope these brought some happiness into your night..I know they brought some into mine..:'D

Anywho, I seriously feel like an alive zombie. I'm not even joking. After getting about 8 hours of sleep for the entire weekend except for last night..I'm alive on the outside, but dead on the inside. 

A few ways you know you're an alive zombie...

  1. You crawl into bed thinking your WET towel ..[that you just used to dry your hair with] your blanket.
  2. You literally can't figure out what 4+5 is.
  3. You enter the wrong class..Twice.
  4. You force the back of your phone on upside down. [Yes. This took me awhile, buuuut..I sucessfully did this.]
  5. You *bawl* to your mother about how bad you DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.
  6. Everything is annoying to you.
  7. You sit on your bed for 10 freaking minutes doing nothing but "thinking about what you're fixing to do" then you realize that nothing has went through your head.
  8. You're amused with a plain, yellow, No. 2 pencil with a purple eraser.
  9. You feel stoned. [Oh, and you get looks from people..That think you're stoned..]
  10. You try to put both legs into one leg of your jeans..

Yeah. I'm tired. And apparently look stoned..Haha. 
I'm off :)
Hope everyone had a superb Monday and has a spectacular Tuesday!

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