Monday, November 21, 2011

ramblings of an average monday night..

since the last time i spoke to you all,
its become fall, the leaves are gone, its cold, and i get out of bed f r e e z i n g.
i just hope winter goes as fast as summer did.

a friendship is going to be rekindled this weekend.. and therefore, i'm so, very excited about that. with ms. marie. i love her to death and when we're together, *fdafjksd*, i can't describe. she is one of my dearest friends and she is a beautiful person inside and out. i just thought i should make that known to the world, and i hope that when she reads this, her heart melts, because mine did when i wrote it.
@Ms. Marie, I MISS YOU. this weekend is going to be splendid.

anyway, my life is average. go to school, eat, study, meetings, service, gossip girl, sleep
thats pretty much my life. and i'm pretty happy with that. i don't have it that bad.
speaking of gossip girl, do any of you watch it? because.. you should. i'm highly addicted to it, and all 80something episodes are on netflix and easily accessible. thank goodness. i started the first season October 26th, and i'm already about to finish season 4. is that bad? i hope not... its just a wonderful show.

so how's your fall been? catch me up. :)
i'd love to know.. if you have any funny stories and such, contact me and i wanna hear.
have a lovely evening.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!

1.   Nothing says fall like      changing leaves.. cinnamon fragrances.. the not too cold, but not sweltering hot weather..

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is   Elijay fall festival. :) And the fairs. :)

3.  My favorite fall treat is   any thing loaded with cinnamon. 

4. Fall makes me think of       cuddling with that special someone, scarves, boots, leg warmers, sweaters, messy hair, losing your tan, and all the festivities that take place.
5.  Autumn free form word association, go!    crunchy leaves, cool crisp air, sunshine, changing colors .

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is     skinny jeans, thick layers, scarf, messy-wind-blown hair, legwarmers, and boots. always works.

7.  My favorite fall holiday is well I don't celebrate holidays..

Well, there you have it. 
The first Fill In The Blank Friday I have done in months. 

If you'd like to play along, head on over to The Little Things We Do blog.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday :)

Yellow Hoodie: Delia's, Grey Jeans: Old Navy

How your hair looks after a day at school and not even caring.
The wind blowing your homework all over the deck.
Listening to frogs 'get it on' outside your window. Seriously, its kind of disturbing. No lie.
Seniors passing you in lines at school.
Your dad doing Zumba moves in a resturaunt.

Feeling great after working out.
Nutella and grapes.
40+ blog views in one day.
Graphics & Design.
The weather that is oh, soooo purrrrfect! :)


This week has been a great week, I hope you all can say the same! :)

It started off at the beginning..
I had a good workout with the family & MommaJenn.
In construction, Tuesday, I learned how to do Crosscuts with a circular saw. Scary stuff.
I made a 100 on a Honors Lit. quiz.
90 on a Graphics & Design quiz.
Wednesday, I made a 93 on my Honors Biology quiz. (Which, I study a lot. Way too much actually)

Annnnd, today... :)
It was an A day, so it was bound to be good. We spent construction block cutting wood and being retarded, and it was great. Oh, in Literature we painted 90% of the girls finger nails in that class, my lovely blue color. Totally awesome. Starting a new trend to where you match nail polish.

And tomorrow is Friday..!

Football Friday, that is. :)
Thankfully, its a home game. Really excited about that. Annnd.. Then (hopefully) spending the night with Kelsi. Drama pancake breakfast with her Saturday morning. Swimming at Kristen's after. Sunday (meeting :)) and then Momma Lori and Fatman are off to Atl for massages.
So I'm just a bit excited about the weekend.
I'm just excited about life.
You all should be too.
Life is a good thing.

Have a wonderful day. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

I live in the south. As most of you know, the south is experiencing some lets just say.... not so lovely weather. Thankfully, the glorious Peach State is not getting the worst of it, but we are getting heavy rain. Its poured a-l-l-d-a-y.

But, I actually have made the most of this wonderful rainy day, oh I was off school today since its a holiday.
Anyway, what have I done today?

I put on my bathing suit and danced in the rain.. No joke.

I mean.. Why not? It wasn't thundering or lightening, so don't even try to use that excuse.

Dancing in the rain really brought some laughs.. & you know what they say, "Laughing is good for the soul."

Ohhh, it is. :)

I also, learned how to wash. Yes, I am 14 and just not learning to wash, but I probably won't keep it up since I shrunk quiiiiite a few shirts. They weren't even mine, either. Haha!

& lastly,
I have reminisced a lot today!
Do you ever have the urge to get on facebook and look at old pictures?
Because I definitely did today.
Some of my favorites were..

Bestfrann's first concert, Bamboozle Roadshow May, 2011. :)

Savannah in October of 2010

Eli and I, fall of 2010.

Skydeck Chicago, spring of 2011. :)

8th Grade Dance, spring of 2011.

BESTFRANN. Winter 2011? (not exactly sure)

Mason Jimmy Choo <3 Winter 2011

Destin, Florida Summer 2011.

When you look back at pictures and other things, you notice things.. Maybe some have changed and maybe some are still the same old way.
I noticed that,

my hair is longer,
I wear more makeup,
I am more concerned about the way I look,
I am more slim, 
Kesia's hair was way shorter,
I still smile the same way,
me and Kesia still take a lot of pictures and bake a lot of things,
I actually got waaaay more tan than last year..

and I'm sure there are a lot more, I just don't notice.

Goodnight, everyone.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Being ignored.
Is an awful thing.
For anyone.
No matter if its from a crush, a family member, or just a close friend.
Its not right.

Its one thing if you have a reason to do so, but even if so, why not be the bigger person and forgive and forget. I mean, its life. You can't go on holding grudges for whatever reason.

Anyway, some things I don't understand and I probably never will.
I'm also probably over analyzing this entire situation way more than necessary.
But, I'm human, and I'm also a girl.. We are kind of known for being over-analyitical and worriers.
I can't help it. When you have a bond to a person, (or think you do at least).. It kind of hurts you, when they ignore you.


Pysched For Fall

I'm so excited for September and the upcoming months.
Even though I'm really gonna miss the really good times that I had over the summer, I'm really excited about this fall and winter. I think that since I was around the beach and hot, sticky, Georgia weather, I'm gonna be loving the ice cold winter. Last year we got three snows and I totally hope we get that this year.

So, in the upcoming months, I will be, recieving my learner's permit (:D), a few steps closer to graduating high school, attending every home Yellow Jacket Football game... 
& I hope to be trying some new stuff.

I know another thing I really, really want to do to is go to the Ellijay Annual Apple Festival. Its so much fun and this year it should be very fun since I will probably be going with Bestfrann. :)

Alsssso, I am super, duper excited about moving into the basement, & yes of course, I have said many times that I was going to. (Like, last April, May??) Finally, mom just said, "If you don't mind that the rest of the basement is unfinished, then that's fine." I flipped. Incredibly amazing. :D
I have a few ideas of what I want.. Okay, I have a lot of ideas of what I want.

I really can't wait to begin the year of 2012. (If we don't die. Cause everyone believes that crap about the world ending. HA!) I think its going to be a lovely and very fun year. I just really hope its as fun as 2011 was. 

Definitely a year to remember. :) 

I hope everyone has a lovely day, today.