Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th

April happenings:

Spring Break
Final tests for High School
The Memorial (which is tonight)
Mine and Kesia's "Friend-iversay" (April 15, 2010)
Summer gets a tad bit closer & we all start whining just a little bit more for it to hurry.

&& a few other things..

Anyway..Its a very busy month, as you can see. Pretty much every weekend I have something planned. [But that's pretty good, though.]

First Weekend- I was in Gadsden.
Second Weekend- I was in Chicago :]
Third Weekend- [Current] KyLeigh came over Friday, Jasmin's girls night was last night, and Memorial is tonight.
Fourth Weekend- It will be Miss Kristen's weekend. Because we haven't hung out in a looong time..Cause for spring break, she was on a cruise.
Fifth Weekend- The Bestfran's house. She knows who she is ;]

Obviously, I'm a busy 14 year old.

Anyway, more about this weekend. Last night..Jasmin curled my hair :] It felt great..I don't have any pictures as of right now. But you can check out this post  to see what it looked like. We watched Outsourced after eating some yummy Quesidillas courtesy of me and Jasmin :]

More about today.. As you read earlier, tonight is The Memorial. [At 7:45]. But in the present time.. I have been helping dad with the gardena and getting the backyard straightened up. Oh my..Is it hot outside. :[ But my hair is still a bundle of curls and I really wish I could leave it like this for tonight, but I don't think its gonna happen. I'll just have my same old, plain straightened hair. Boo.

Okay..That's all for now :]

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