Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

I live in the south. As most of you know, the south is experiencing some lets just say.... not so lovely weather. Thankfully, the glorious Peach State is not getting the worst of it, but we are getting heavy rain. Its poured a-l-l-d-a-y.

But, I actually have made the most of this wonderful rainy day, oh I was off school today since its a holiday.
Anyway, what have I done today?

I put on my bathing suit and danced in the rain.. No joke.

I mean.. Why not? It wasn't thundering or lightening, so don't even try to use that excuse.

Dancing in the rain really brought some laughs.. & you know what they say, "Laughing is good for the soul."

Ohhh, it is. :)

I also, learned how to wash. Yes, I am 14 and just not learning to wash, but I probably won't keep it up since I shrunk quiiiiite a few shirts. They weren't even mine, either. Haha!

& lastly,
I have reminisced a lot today!
Do you ever have the urge to get on facebook and look at old pictures?
Because I definitely did today.
Some of my favorites were..

Bestfrann's first concert, Bamboozle Roadshow May, 2011. :)

Savannah in October of 2010

Eli and I, fall of 2010.

Skydeck Chicago, spring of 2011. :)

8th Grade Dance, spring of 2011.

BESTFRANN. Winter 2011? (not exactly sure)

Mason Jimmy Choo <3 Winter 2011

Destin, Florida Summer 2011.

When you look back at pictures and other things, you notice things.. Maybe some have changed and maybe some are still the same old way.
I noticed that,

my hair is longer,
I wear more makeup,
I am more concerned about the way I look,
I am more slim, 
Kesia's hair was way shorter,
I still smile the same way,
me and Kesia still take a lot of pictures and bake a lot of things,
I actually got waaaay more tan than last year..

and I'm sure there are a lot more, I just don't notice.

Goodnight, everyone.


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  1. I love looking back at old photos and I do the same thing, thinking on what has changed since that old picture was snapped.

    I wish we would have some rain around here so I could follow your lead and dance in the rain too :) Way cool.