Monday, November 22, 2010

Football, Kristen, annnnd Smokies!

So, I haven't blogged in a couple of days, but I have been so busy. But I will definitely make up for it right now.

First of all..The football game(: Well it was the 3rd round of state playoffs! We won, 36-19. Soooo, we have this week's game and then if we win it we go to the Georgia Dome. Ahh I am so freakin excited! And nervous all at the same time! 
Anywho, after the game I was spending the night with Kristen(: Bestie! But we went to El Nopal and ate..With..The Palmers..

---------------------------> He was here. 

Greatest Yellow Jacket ever.

But we went there..And then we didn't get back until about 12am. We got into our jammy jams and laid in bed talking for hours, with G-Dog. Then I think it was 2:30 when we finally got to sleep. I was tired on Saturday. 

Now..About the Smokies..Every year a huge big group of people go to Cade's Cove in the Smokies at Thanksgiving. And so, Wednesday morning I will be on my way bright and early with Susanne. And so then I will be up there until Monday of next week. Yes, forever I know. But I just wanted y'all to know why I won't be blogging for awhile(: 

Okay, more later. Going to go work out(:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Live for today..And NOT tomorrow(:

Heyy!! So, like, wow. Thats all I have to say about today, jaykayy..I have tons to talk about.

So, what was I involved in today?

  • College Spirit Day -I wore my Auburn Jersey (12, Brandon Cox)
  • A very very heated fight. Well I wasn't in it, but I was most certainly between it..Scary. Very very very much.
  • Filming the JV Boys and Varsity Boys basketball game against Adairsville. Adairsville's coach was cute. Haha!
  • Eating at El Pueblito with the basketball girls! 
Thats about it, but if I highly explain all of those bullets..You would probably be laughing your gludeous maximous off. LOL. 
I will explain that fight though however..
Okay, so, we are learning about the slaves in stuff back in the Civil War times..And someone was just joking around about black people. And Brison, my black boy buddy, jumps up and starts cussing like crazy. He said the F-Bomb like 50 times. And I was right between him and Jake. It was scary..! :O But its all worked out now. Brisons cool and the other guy is cool too. 

Alright wellllll, I think I am gonna go run(:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well hey there, everyone. How's it going..Well as you all know, yesterday I ate a little too much than I needed and I was SUPPOSED to kill myself on the eliptical..Eeek, I'm still alive right now. Do you know what that means..? I didn't run last night :O 

I know, shame shame..But believe me, I will do it tonight! I promise on my life. Ha. 

Anywho, more about today..Is anyone else just DEAD tired? Because I am. But of course, I did go to bed at like 12:00 this morning, I guess that could be why..But still I have sorta been sleeping good and going to bed early and I am still tired! Wtc, right? I know, I know. Buuuuut, today was just terrible. It just was. Period. Although I have no homework except a itty bitty tad of algebra left over :) But thats not a problem. 
Well guess what tomorrow is?! Its college day at school..Lol. We wear college attire of our favorite team <3 Hello Auburn Jersey!

So..That was my day, in a nutshell of course. Lol. 
PC & <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pizza, Suicide, Elliott Smith,

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with everyone..So today was a very uneventful day, besides the fact that I am nearly DEAD tired. We got home at like 9:30, buuuut I stayed up til about 11:45. So I am dead, like literally. But anywho, Papa Rob is doing much better. Thank goodness, and I promise when I get a chance I will do a whole blog about that big hospital shannigan. But for now..

Soo..I have to admit something..I don't want to admit it, but I must. 
DadwastemptingmewithpizzathisafternoonandsoIendedupeating3pieces!:O :O :O :O :O :O *looks down shamfully* *sobs quietly*

So therefore, I am about to go murder myself on the eleptical. I am not even kidding. So if you love me, you would try to talk me out of this. So, speak now or forever hold your peace....*Cricket, cricket* 

No one loves me, eh? Oh well. 

Onnnnnnnnne more thing before I leave(: Go to and type in Angeles by Elliott Smith. Or just listen to anything by him, you won't regret it. He is one of the greatest! Alright..To the gym..

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Living a Teenage Dream

Greetings! How is everyone?! I am good..Well no actually. They are taking my grandfather to the er right now, so I am okay. Not good. :( 

But anywho, lets just take our minds off that. 
So todays happenings...
I downloaded the 'Teenage Dream' from Glee this past week by all the gay guys. I love it! Haha..Way better than Katy's actual version. Ha!

I am now rocking a bright blue nail polish -An August Marie inspired me of course.(: 

I am also STILL in my favorite Elmo Pajama pants(: They are freaking beast! 

Another topic..The Assembly, I just hate the fact that I couldn't go. Especially after seeing all the pictures and all..But I guess I will have my own pictures next weekend. I hope. Pleaseee let mee goo(:

Ahh, its so fall outside now(: And I love it, all the leaves are falling and whatnot. And its just absolutely beautiful in my backyard! Dad even built a fire for us in our pit. And then I demolished him in GOLF(: If you want to know how, well my dad put in a putting green along with tee boxes. Its great!

Do anyone of you know the song Jack and Diane? By John Cougar Mellowcamp or whatever? Yes. That song. I cannot stop singing it. I love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE.

And I think the last thing I am gonna mention..Is the wonderful breakfast dad made for us. It was great..Pictures(:

And, just so you know..I am just now posting this since I just got home from Gadsden due to a family sickness -more on that later

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holga. Hahaha.

So, my friends..I just found out what a Holga Camera is. Now on Photobucket there is a photography category that is named 'Holga'. And I just now realized about 5 minutes ago that that is a type of camera. And get this, its made of plastic. A plastic camera? Yes, there is like no lens either. Its pretty weird. But I want one! Really really bad now. They take great pictures!(: 

But now, I guess you might be wondering, why on earth am I not at the Assembly?! 
Well. Both of my parents happen to be sick. In bed. And me stuck on the couch eating poptarts. Yea, sounds fun right? Wrong. This sucks. I was really really really hoping to get to go to the Assembly to see everyone, but apparently my parents' health is just not wanting to be my friend right now. So. I guess we will be going BOTH days NEXT weekend. 

...So much for going to Gadsden...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Chat, FAIL..And..Excitedness

Ahh, so my dear friend, Damon 'Brachford' McCarley and I are talking again -we didn't talk for about a month due to retardness(mainly on his part). And so, I also haven't seen in in 4 months. And we used to video chat for like 5 or 10 minutes..So we were gonna try, and it failed. Epicly. :( Oh well. I will see him first thing tomorrow morning(: And we have both decided that we will reunite with a huge huge huge hug. Hahaha, so retarded -yes I know.

And, so, that leads us to our next topic. Why am I excited about something, you might ask..

Well, my friends. Tomorrow is the second day of the Assembly(: Yay! I get to see so many people and meet so many new people! It will be great..! I am also...Most likely...Going to purchase my new Nikon tomorrow night. And yea, I know I have said so many times that I was gonna get in previously, but the time has just not been on our side and we have not been able to, but since the assembly is in Atlanta on our way home we go through Kennesaw where Best Buy is and my camera is in best buy(: Yayness!! Okay so now I am about to start rambling..So goodnight!! Pictures tomorrow!(:


P.S. My vans delima has not been yet been solved. Although I did find a pair of green/white ones..And Mom did not like them hardly. So looks like I will be getting the purple/black ones, eventually. (: Which really is what I want. So I am happy!

I feel a change coming on...

Have you ever just, like, knew something was about to change. Or be different than what you're used too..? Well, thats what I am feeling right now. For some odd reason, I just think something -pertaining to me- is about to change. But..Actually I think I know what it is(: 
I believe I am changing!
Well, when I was in 5th grade I definitely was not a prep like I am now. I wore vans and Skinnys like crazy. But now I mainly only wear sweaters and sperrys. But I am going crazy about buying a new pair of vans and more skinnys. And so I think that change is that I am going back to that "Style", but hey, thats fine with me. Because I love it(: 

More to come laterrr! 

Vans..1st Round..Glee(:

Vans! 1st Round !!! Glee!(: Parkas!

This blog post is rated A for amazingness. Be prepared, kay? Kay.

Vans!! Okay so, I am just really pumped up about my Vans! I don't know why though, but they are just making me happy. Hehe. But I did -sadly- discover a hole on the right shoe :( Buuut, they still look great. I colored the back of them pink so its black/pink checkerboard(: And madre has decided she will get me a new pair. But I am stuck on what color to get..Black/Purple? Green/White? Aqua/Black? Mainly its just black/purple or aqua/black..But I will pick it out soon(:

1st Round! Well, last week was my High School's Region Championship..We won. For the tenth year in a row. And so tonight was the 1st round of the playoffs..If we win the next 2 or 3, we go to the Georgia Dome! Amazing right? Yes. Yes. It is. Very much so, haha. Anywho so me and my dad go to every home game -no matter what! And tonight we played Manchester. That was just a great game. Let's just start at the beginning. I got there, I immediately found Kelsi, Hope, and Taylor. I got a piece of pizza..And we walked. Then we met up with Victor and BlackBoiBuddy(: Hahaha, PARTY. Just talked and walked..Then we went back to the concessions. Got hot chocolate, and then watched halftime show. It was great. Manchester had a Batman Drum Major -more about him very shortly. Then we did our show. Poker Face, Kung Foo Fighting, Blue Bayou, and The Pretender. Poker Face is just legitness. Pure. Legitness(: Lol. Anyway, after the halftime show all band members have '3rd quarter break'. And so what did we do? We found Batman. Asked for a picture. Annnnnnnd, we got it. As you can see above. It looks bad, but it means a lot to us. Haha. So, Batman's name was Kerry. And the other guy is Ryan. They are just so cool!! Haha we talked for like ever and ever and ever(: Then I found Hope again..And we found Victor and just partied!
Me and Hopeee!(:

Glee!!(: Well, my loves. I love Glee. More than anything, I just love it. And I found this shirt..That is absolutely adorable. And madre is gonna buy it :D Its so cute. Pictures later!

Parkas...(: I really really really want a parka hat. You know those hats with ear flaps? Yea one of those!! Someone buy me one..Preferably this one from Target for only 14.99(: Well now the picture won't upload :( But its adorable and its a sock monkey? Look it up y'all and then buy it for me!

Ha! Okay..Well its time for me to go now..I am gonna start typing random stuff -I am so tired-. So byeee everyone! Sleep good. Dream big. Wake up happy. Tomorrow is a new day!! (: PC&<3

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have come to some conclusions here lately on my list of obsessions..Everybody has 'em, right? Well I do. Fo sho.

So anywho..My obsessions...
  • Scarves. Like seriously. Yesterday I woke up..And like I put on my favorite grey short-sleeved shirt. Skinnys. And my pink scarf. Now to tell the truth, I have never worn that scarf a day in my life. Then I grabbed my vans. And I do believe that it looked great. Call me conceded, but it definetly did. So thats my favorite obsession right now...                                                    
  • Vans! Now I own a pair of Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip-Ons..Well I have for a few years now. And..I love them, like with all my heart! I wear them mainly with my Skinnys..But they look good with straight-legged jeans too.
  • Skinnys(: This is my nickname for my favorite skinny jeans. They are Sweetheart, mid-rise, ultra dark wash, skinny..From Old Navy!! They were only 19.99(: Amazing, right? Yes. Yes. I know!
  • Cameras. But, what's new? They are always my obsession <3
  Annnnnnnnnnnnd, for a very very very LARGE finish....
  • GLEE! I swear I could watch it for years..And me and my best friend will have matchiing shirts very shortly, (:

Alright, thats all for now!


How freaking gorgeous the grass looks with leaves everywhere!? I went out and took a bunch of pictures earlier..I am gonna post them below too (:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cutting Cardboard

Soooo, my dad gets like tons and tons of cardboard I just learned, and HE BURNS it?! Yes, so unhealthy for the enviroment..And anyways, when I was in Savannah I saw the cutest paintings on....


So..Now I am taking the cardboard home from my father's office and I will be cutting it later on to create my creation (: Pictures for suree!

PC & <3

Monday, November 8, 2010

nrfuakerhfauhf :/

Uh, well..I know I blogged like 30 seconds ago..But I was looking at lovely "BusyBeeLauren"'s page..Annnnd she posted her top songs. And it inspired me, so here we go?

  1. The Anthem- Pitbull ft. Lil Jon.. Really old song (spanish song too)
  2. Please Don't Stop the Music- Rihanna
  3. You Don't Know Me- Ben Folds 5
  4. Just a Dream- Nelly :)
  5. Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars
  6. Yellow Submarine- Beatles
  7. We are Young- 3oh!3
  8. Bye, Bye, Bye- Nsync :P Hahaha never gets old!
  9. Young Forever- Jay Z ft. Mr. Hudson..Ah memories!
  10. Annnnnd, yes, a Miley Cyrus song..When I look at you :')

No Gum?!

Ahh, just got done with school. Ya know? Today was a Monday..And normally Monday's suck. This one didn't. I was actually in a good mood. Teehee.

Anywho, I am like a freaking gum addict. And I just found out that when you a have a filling, you CANNOT chew gum, because supposedly, it loosens your filling..Well this flipping sucks balls. Excuse my language -you language freaks. Well, just thought I should share that little shenannigan :) I will be posting more later..Pictures of today's outfit which I just think that it was adorable..

Okay now I am rambling..I gotta get off it!

PC & <3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kool-Aid Mustaches, Freshmen T-Shirts, Random Flower, Homemade Mac-n-Cheese, New Pages, No Makeup, and Time Change

This is most likely going to be a fun, happy, and long post! I am in such a good mood right now.

Let me explain the title first though..:P

Kool-Aid Mustaches: Hahaha, well. Earlier we didn't have anything to drink besides Diet Coke and I didn't want that. So I decided that I would make some Kool-Aid. The only kind we have is blood red tropical punch, but it tastes so good. Anyway, I went ahead and made it..And I have been drinking it non-stop since I made it. Hahaa, and nowwww! I have a kool-aid mustacheee :D

Freshmen T-Shirts- Wellllll, I was in Ms. Peirson's class the other day, doing nothing -as usual..And Me and Blair found these old shirts in a box and so Monica said we could each have some. This shirt is like my new favorite shirt! I love it. It is a pretty periwinkle and on the front it says Freshmen..And on the back it says "Out with the old and in with the new" :D I wear it all the time. I <3 it.

Random Flowers- Well I got really bored and grabbed some carnations and my camera, and SNAPPED AWAY :D

Homemade Mac-N-Cheese- Well, my deddy makes the greatest homemade, 5-Cheese, Mac-N-Cheese..It is amazing, so I have been munching on that all day :D..Hehe, I am sucha FATTY!!! 

New Pages- I made 2 new pages..:) You just definitely check them out! I still editing and revising them, so cut me some slack!

Noooo Makeup- Well today, I sucessfully went "All Natural" for the first time in days :') Its truely amazing!..And I actually thought I looked pretty too..Ha.

Annnnnnd Last but Most Certainly NOT Least, TIME CHANGE- Woo! I got a whole hour of extra sleep last night, well actually this morning :P But it was great. I also LOVE that it gets darker earlier and lighter earlier too :P I don't have to go to school in the dark :) Pretty amazing, right? Uh yes. You are very weird if you don't like the time change. Hahaha!

Well, I have literally been working on this all day xD..And now I am finally gonna post it :)

Love, Love, Love, and More LOVE! :)

My Fifth Follower :) Ilyyyyy! Babeee, hahaa

Blogspot now has a newbie in the house :D Rebecca! Yayy! For my bestie..And boyfriend :P Insiderrr, gah if you only knew what that means..Hahahah!

Well, just wanted to do a shout out :) <3 

Love you Rebecca, bestie, and babe

World of Black and White

Well, here recently I have become extremely obsessed with Black and White Photography..Extremely. Here are a few favorites I have found.

I just love this last one. Beach photography ANY day, will drive me wild! :)

Now here are some black and white photographs of my own...Enjoy!
This was on Tybee Island last  
   weekend..Pretty, huh?

Toy Story 3

Well, instead of going to Kennesaw like we normally do on Saturdays..We postponed it to tomorrow! So we where here for the evening. And mother made an amazing, and healthy -might I add- dinner.
It consisted of Chicken breast, white rice, cooked red bell peppers, onions, green bell peppers, annnnd black beans! It was great. For desert we had vanilla ice cream, with chocolate syrup, cherries, and bananas!:) 

To top the night off we rented Toy Story 3. It was great. Enough said! I have loved every single Toy Story movie ever made, including this one! Definitely a great trilogy. If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. ;) 

Well now, I am laying on the couch in my favorite sweats and big baggy SCAD sweatshirt..Listening to my father snore! Ha, well I am off to catch some Z'ss. Night world of bloggers!

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday of November!

Wellll, today, November 5, 2010..Is officially the first Friday in november! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone -and still going- by!! 

Anywho..I have a few updates I would LOVE to share with you all. And some pictures. 

~As of today (thanks to Me, Javier, and my Dad), our backyard is finished!..And it's muy bonito! <3

~Last Sunday, when I was at the beach on Tybee. Well. My camera just spazzed out on me, like seriously. So now I can't use it at all. Which I am not sad or disappointed about. Because NOW I get a new camera :D This girl would give anything for a new camera anytime. That last Fujifilm Slider SUCKED. But at this moment I have decided that I am gonna get this flipping amazing Nikon! Just like I had before..Gah I am so excited!!

~I was sick today, and stayed home from school. So I accomplished ALOT! :)

~Our fireplace will be ready to use in the very near future!

~I discovered that I HATE matches. They literally scare the living crap out of me...
Not to mention that I cannot light one worth a flip, but I guess that might be a good thing.

~Our Assembly is in like 9 days? Yes. I have done a very detailed countdown. And I am happy to say that Mami purchased the most adorable Purple Wool dress that I will wear with stockings..And I will look amazing <3

~A couple of guy friends of mine sang at our kareoke(spell?) party on Wednesday night at our lodge we stayed at, and they sang this song "In the Air Tonight". It. Has. Been. In. My. Head. All. Day. But I love it!!!!!!!!

~I love the song, "Bottoms Up". Just saying.

~And..Last of all..Nana bought me The Last Song. Am I excited about that?!? Uhhh yes :)


Well..Here are a few pictures of the newly finished backyard!

 My swing :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I haven't blogged in 4 days..FOUR!! :O

Sooooo, I have not been blogging as much as I was :/ But I am trying. I have just been busy..So So So much! Anywho, I am just gonna fill you in on some of the things that have happened or I have done. Since I was gone :)

  • I got home from Savannah..Late Sunday. (I did make a blog but it was just about a proposal..Then one about Damon) But Savannah was amazing indeed. I will post pictures/blog about very soon!
  • Then Monday..Hmm..Nothing really happened I don't believe
  • Tuesday- Ahh..Dentist. Got a second(and hopefully the last) filling of my entire mouth) Now I should be ready for braces. I got to miss some class :) 
  • 5:30 Wednesday..I got up. Got ready and headed down to the Middle School. I WENT TO DAHLONEGA with the entire 8th grade class. Talk about legit-ness?!?
  • Then..Today? Went to sleep at 4am. Gah woke up at 6. Wowww. Went hiking..And putt putt. Lol. Pictures later <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

A shout out..To my 4th follower :)

Damon Brach McCarley..Brachford..You know exactly why I am doing this..! Here we go.

Brachford, you suck..I mean you are just a big blob of useless nothingness. Stick that in your juicebox and suck it. 

I hate you. 

Lol..Happy now? :)

The Proposal

Well..I was in Savannah, Ga this past weekend with some friends..And we were just sightseeing all of the BEAUTIFUl Squares that James Oglethorpe planned out for us in the 1800's. Anyway, we were in the Madison Square. It has a gorgeous fountain in the middle of it. Well as we were walking by, we noticed a couple sitting there..
All of a sudden...
He drops down on one knee....

He proposed. Right. Then. And. There. It was amazing to see so much passion, love, happiness, anxiousness, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. It was beautiful..

It makes me want to skip about 10 years, so maybe that could happen to ME. A girl can dream, huh? :) Just thought I should share that moment..!