Thursday, September 15, 2011


This week has been a great week, I hope you all can say the same! :)

It started off at the beginning..
I had a good workout with the family & MommaJenn.
In construction, Tuesday, I learned how to do Crosscuts with a circular saw. Scary stuff.
I made a 100 on a Honors Lit. quiz.
90 on a Graphics & Design quiz.
Wednesday, I made a 93 on my Honors Biology quiz. (Which, I study a lot. Way too much actually)

Annnnd, today... :)
It was an A day, so it was bound to be good. We spent construction block cutting wood and being retarded, and it was great. Oh, in Literature we painted 90% of the girls finger nails in that class, my lovely blue color. Totally awesome. Starting a new trend to where you match nail polish.

And tomorrow is Friday..!

Football Friday, that is. :)
Thankfully, its a home game. Really excited about that. Annnd.. Then (hopefully) spending the night with Kelsi. Drama pancake breakfast with her Saturday morning. Swimming at Kristen's after. Sunday (meeting :)) and then Momma Lori and Fatman are off to Atl for massages.
So I'm just a bit excited about the weekend.
I'm just excited about life.
You all should be too.
Life is a good thing.

Have a wonderful day. :)

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