Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To the Public.

I would just lovely to publicly announce that I love, Kesia. 

Last night..When I was having a terrible day..[She had obviously seen all of my tweets about it. There were numerous.] She just sent me a very, very lovely text..It read..

Btw. Are you OK, dear? I know you've been having  a rough day... I is worried about you.

How sweet is that? She's obviously a veryy, veryy goooood friend :) I replied..

I'm fine..Just NOT my day..Mainly 'cause we got in waaay late and I'm quite tired..But don't we worried!

She said..

Ok...Well. I hope tomorrow is WAY better for you. GET SOME BEAUTY SLEEP, LADY!!! :) XOXO.

I love her. :) 
I also love her blog. 
You should too.

Check it.

Click here.



  1. Dear Besfran.
    I heart you.
    You're an absolute gem!
    You need to come over.
    Or this weekend will work.
    Or next weekend.
    Or how 'bout we just plan on VERY, VERY, VERY SOON. :)

  2. awww that is so nice. friends like that are the best.

  3. Bestfran- I know. I know. I really waaaant to come over. But this weekend is Memorial..:( How about the 29, 30, 1?! :) Lemmee know guhh!