Friday, December 31, 2010

Day2: FavoriteSeason&Why?

Hmm..My Favorite Season would have to be..Autumn. 

How can you NOT love Autumn..Everything is gorgeous. The leaves..The grass is changing into a brownish color, yet still has a green tint. The sun rises earlier in Autumn too :) Which I love! [I hate waking up when its dark] Fall is also great too, because the warm sweaters are coming out of the closet finally..And they are just perfect to wear with Skinnys and Saddle Boots. And top it off with a long necklace just the way I like it(; And another great thing about Autumn is the APPLE FEST! Ahh, since I live in Calhoun..I only live about 45 minutes away from Ellijah, Ga -home of the wonderful, annual, 2 week Apple Fest. Ahh, its amazing..!

Mhmm, and you know what that means..Fresh, Hot, Apple Cider!!

Wooo! Well..I love Autumn and now you know why (:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day1: RecentPhoto&BlogMeaning

So..A recent photo would be..
I like this picture alot..But, its not the most recent picture of me..It was taken in the last week though, that counts..Right?!

Blog Meaning..Well, Just Breathe is a phrase I really like. Because I think everyone could use a little more of this in their life. I know I could personally. And I believe that maybe, just maybe this phrase could/would inspire people to just..Relax. And the added on ARZB are my initials of course.

Well, one day down..Twenty-Nine to go..

[Cooler Than 30 Days Of Truth]

Soo..On a new Blog Friend's blog I recently came across this...
30 Days Blog Challenge

Its great, and I believe that it is waaaaay better than the '30 Days Of Truth Challenge'..That was not fun, and way too personal, but this isn't. Actually this allows others -and you maybe- to get to know you even better!

Sooo..I'm gonna do it. And I promise that I will finish it. *PinkyPromise*

Picture Recap of 2010

Soo..To do this..I was inspired by 2 lovely blogss..
Numero Uno annnnnd Numero Doz
And so basically..I'm gonna do a Big Ole Mesh-Up of those 2. BusyBee's was more of photography..L&P's was more of just happenings...

Soo..Some of mine will be photography. Yet, some will be the lovely people I experienced 2010 with (:

Ready? Set. Go!

I became addicted to Sour Patch Kids..


Dear John came out..Ahh..Annnnnd I kissed Channing Tatum (;

My fingernail got frigged up..Again. 

Me and Kesia became best friends (:

Boys Like Girls concert with Kes and Damon (: [Kes's first concert ever..]

My first formal..One of the funnest nights, ever *period*

I stayed in Gadsden for 3 weeks. Whew.


Santa Rosa with the parents (:

                                                                                                  Lost in Stereo pictures were created..(:

Football season begins..(:



                                                         Look Ma! No Hands album created..(:

Savannah and Tybee Island with the Fam!

  Dahlonega Field Trip!! 


 Cade's Cove with friends <3

The Domeeee


P.S. Miss Kesia that you saw in quite a few of these pictures also has a blog and I HIGHLY encourage you to go check it out..:)

An August Marie

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So, I am in a totally great mood right now...
Esp. since I'm running a fever and have a terribly sore throat..*sadface*

And so, I have been 'Jamming Out' all day today as I have blogged, edited pictures, facebooked, etc. today..So, what are some of those Jams..? Here they are!

1. Tyrant by One Republic
2. Hit It Again by 3oh!3 {Newly Discovered, its great!}
3. As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys {HA!}
4. All Night Long by Alexandra Burke ft. Pitbull
5. No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame
6. Sexyback by Justin Timberlake {You know you love it}
7. Yeah 3x by Chris Brown {My Favorite}

There ya have it..Some new, some old. I love them all! And yes, just these SEVEN have been on repeat..All day }:D

Wishful Wednesday(:

Wishful Wednesday time again..!

I wish...

I could go shopping. Soon. With Mom.

I could find a Polaroid Camera to purchase.

Calhoun had a Goodwill.

I was going back to Gadsden this weekend.

I could live in the 80's.

I wasn't sick right now.

I had more Blog followers.

-See you all next Wednesday-

Best Friend is....

So I was totally inspired by this blog right here, check it out... 

I had recently asked KMarie if I could take this idea..And she said yes -as long as I give her all credit for it-, but there are a million expostions as to what a best friend is. Aren't there? So, I thought I could come up with a list. Here we go.

Best Friend is...
When you can insult each other in the worst ways ever and then say, "I love youu," truthyfully.

When you have a bulletin board or photo album filled with INSANE pictures.

When you don't ask your parents if they can come over, they just show up at your door.

First day of High School and you both cry together because you get lost.

When he breaks up with her, and you have a shovel ready to burry him when you're done with him.

Staying up all night giggling and then waking up 8am and thinking it was worth it.

Lists and lists of inside jokes.

Staying on the phone for hours..With nothing being said, but you're still happy.

Stealing each others clothes and never giving them back.

Writing the most ridiculous things on each other's Facebook wall  when others have no idea what they mean. 

Calling their Mom, "Mom."

So, I think we can all agree that most of us and experienced these cases, right? I know I have.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have seen a few lovely bloggers do this so...
I will too.

What I did in 2010..

Found out who my friends were.
Traveled to multiple places -Washington D.C, Santa Rosa, Destin, Cades Cove, Dahlonega, Savannah, annnnd Gatlinburg.
Rode Goliath for the first time in my entire life. And I LOVED it in case you were wondering.
Discovered my passion for Photography.
Learned how to Kayak.
Got over 30 service hours in one month.
Got my first phone.
Became extremely close to my mom and grandmother. 
Started my blog -that hardly anyone reads.
And lost friends..But made some pretty great, NEW ones.

And just so you know..
I love my life. And the crazy, hilarious, sometimes annoying, GREAT friends and fam in it. 


2011..The YEAR Of No FEAR

Sooo, this kinda, made. My. Day. 

I love this. Like seriously, its LOVE. 

And I must say..It's a bit cheesy if you ask me, but again. Its LOVE.
I guess I like because there were so many things in 2010 and probably still will be in the next few days before January 1, 2011 that I will do something I don't like or something of that nature. 

Did I confuse anyone? Hope not.
But, in this 'Year Of No Fear' I am not going to regret, or feel bad about doing something. Ever. Does anyone agree? I am just gonna go all out with fun things, weird things, and downright CRAZY things. 

Feel free to join me :D

That time we got 'Cabin Fever'..

Definition of Cabin Fever- When you are stuck in a house in the mountains because of snow and cannot do a thing. 

Well, as you know -from my previous post- I was in Gatlinburg Christmas weekend..And boy, was it interesting. 
Lets just make this short. I almost DIED from Cabin Fever. Seriously. We were running out of things to do..And it kinda sorta pretty much basically..


But anywho, here are some pictures from the trip (: Enjoy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Ahhh yeeeea (:

Well. Its been 22 days since my last blog and I have to say, I have been very, very sad that I have not been able to blog any. 

  • First of all, my computer got a Trojan Horse Virus on it, soooooo. Yeah. I couldn't use it. I almost died.
  • Theeeeen, it was time for me to go to Nana and Papa Rob's house and I took Daddy's computer, buuuut it wouldn't connect to the internet..I almost died again.
  • Annnnd lastly, I went to Gatlinburg for Christmas Weekend and we didn't have a computer that. Annnnnnd I almost died. 

So. How was Gatlinburg? 


Oh. Wow.

Well, we knew that there would be snow, but before we left Gadsden..The forcast was ONLY 1-2 inches. And how many inches did we wake up with on Saturday morning? 6. YES. 6 INCHES. And being the un-prepared family we were..The car we had had no 4WD OR CHAINS. We were officially snowed in for the day. Ugh. It sucked. But I can say we did have a nice time playing in the snow and all. 

Built a crappy snowman.
Had an amazing snowball fight. Everyone was included. (HA!)
Made snow-angels.
Grilled out.
Me and Claire flooded out bathroom with the whirlpool.
Took great pictures.
Played Charades soooo soooo sooo many times. Lol. 
-The hilarious thing about this is the fact that me and Claire were a team and then Laurie and Dana played too...Some of the things me and Clare did..

Pretended to be an elephant.
The Titanic scene where Jack holds Rose up on the front of the ship.
We were lions.
I was the mother and she was the child.
So. Charades was great.

And the list continuess...
We watched Titanic.
Took naps while 16&Pregnant was on.
Annnd some other fun things too(:

So. For now..I'm going to unpack. I will blog more later :)