Sunday, April 24, 2011

Conclusions Of The Weekend & The Beginning Of A New Week

I have to say, this was a nice..Peaceful weekend. I didn't go anywhere [for once]. But it was nice.

Me and the Parents, just..Chilled.
I became addicted to Tumblr. && mine doesn't look like a failure anymore :)
The backyard is a weee-bit closer to being done.
I mastered some wonderful Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies AND Crinkle Cookies.
I recieved my letter from Cali :) Made me haaaaaaaaaappy.
I have found some awesome inspiring bedroom looks for my basement bedroom..
I ordered a new comforter..Its great.
Mom leaked what she's getting me for 8th grade graduation. Haha. I feel so cheesy.
I have realized that Adele is just an amazing musical artist. [Set Fire To The Rain is my favorite song by her]

This week should be pretty interesting. Its the last week of April..So..Its getting to the end of the school year [thank goodness], and so grades are done, and the chilling begins.
The dance is coming up in two weeks. I have to get my dress altered, order my shoes, and find a gorgeous necklace to complete the look. I have a hair appointment on Thursday. Which, I am SUPER excited about because I think I have figured out what I want my hair to look like..

hairstyles for medium length hair Long Hair Cuts That Give Shape to Thick Hair I just love the bangs..I don't think I'm gonna go that short though, because I have tried so hard to get my hair to the length it is right now, and I want it to keep growing. But its just going to get an inch or so off, because of split ends and all. But I'm excited about a visit to Shag Salon :)

Well. I'm off to bed :) Night.

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