Sunday, April 10, 2011


Instead of going to Kesia's for the weekend like mentioned in the previous posts..

Mommy called me and said, "Pack your bags. Mommy, Jessie, and Kari are going to see Oprah!" 
My first thought: OMG. I haven't been to Chicago in FIVE YEARS. Holyyy cow.
So, I, of course..Got out my suitcase, and started a'packing. :) Mom did get to see Oprah, but while she was at Harpo Studios..Me and Papi..
-Went and had brunch at Wishbone.
-Went shopping.
-Went to the Shedd Aquarium.

Then..We met back up with the crew and went to Wishbone for an afternoon snack [The Mac-N-Cheese is fantastic..For those of you if you ever are on Washington Ave. in Chicago..] :)

Then we dropped off Uncle Jessie [Thaaaaaaaaaaat's my maaaan! :)] and headed back to Rachael and Kari's place..And did nothing for the rest of the evening. Ha! Although, we had some fantastic pizzas from Trader Joes, watched some lovely Glee re-runs, and snoozed. Haha. 
This morning, we got up..Rachael and Kari went on a few studies, but me, Mommy, Papi, and Uncle Jessie went and had a lovely brunch at Lou Mitchell's [if you would like to eat here..MAKE RESERVATIONS. You will not believe how big of a difference this makes. If not..You'll end up outside of the resturaunt waiting for a loooooong while..], but it was some great food. 

After that..Uncle Jessie and Papi dropped me and Mommy off downtown and we shopped..[And to be honest, of all the hundreds of times I have came to Chicago, I have only like went shopping downtown, ONCE. Terrible, right?] We only had time to go to H&M, Tiffany's [ooh-la-freaking-la], and XXI Forever...[Aka, FOREVER 21..] The sign here, actually says, "XXI Forever"..So adorable. But the reason we didn't have enough time to shop 'til we dropped is because..

Rachael and Kari, being the total sweethearts they are..Decided to kidnap just me for the rest of the day..Annnnd, took me to a High Tea at The Ritz Carlton on E. Peirson..Oh. My. Goodness. [Ah-mazing.] It was one of the greatest experiences ever. So fancy, peaceful, and shabby chic. I totally recommend it for a "Girl's Day Out"..I had Bombay Chai tea..They also bring you a 3-tiered platter with many treats..Finger Sandwiches, Pastries, and Biscuits. So lovely
And after that, we went to Skydeck Chicago..Oooh..Amazingness..

Anyway..I'm just chilling in my bed..Thinking about how tomorrow is our last day..So brunch in the morning and then last minute treks around town to get a few more pictures..:)

I am happy to say that I've had an amazing Spring Break 2011.

Here's to good friends, family, and traveling.

P.S..@ Kesia..Thank you for my lovely shout-out :) I love you girl, and I totally miss you too. Annnd..I can't wait til our AMAZING trip up here this summer. IT. WILL. HAPPEN. :D

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