Monday, November 21, 2011

ramblings of an average monday night..

since the last time i spoke to you all,
its become fall, the leaves are gone, its cold, and i get out of bed f r e e z i n g.
i just hope winter goes as fast as summer did.

a friendship is going to be rekindled this weekend.. and therefore, i'm so, very excited about that. with ms. marie. i love her to death and when we're together, *fdafjksd*, i can't describe. she is one of my dearest friends and she is a beautiful person inside and out. i just thought i should make that known to the world, and i hope that when she reads this, her heart melts, because mine did when i wrote it.
@Ms. Marie, I MISS YOU. this weekend is going to be splendid.

anyway, my life is average. go to school, eat, study, meetings, service, gossip girl, sleep
thats pretty much my life. and i'm pretty happy with that. i don't have it that bad.
speaking of gossip girl, do any of you watch it? because.. you should. i'm highly addicted to it, and all 80something episodes are on netflix and easily accessible. thank goodness. i started the first season October 26th, and i'm already about to finish season 4. is that bad? i hope not... its just a wonderful show.

so how's your fall been? catch me up. :)
i'd love to know.. if you have any funny stories and such, contact me and i wanna hear.
have a lovely evening.

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