Sunday, March 20, 2011

Willy Wonka & Some GREAT Friends

So. I have been having a fantastic weekend, what about you?

Mine has went a little like this..
Friday night, my school had their Spring Musical Alice In Wonderland which I did most of the sets for, and it really turned out amazing, and I will have pictures later on..

Saturday, my padre brought me down to A-Ville, and we met the Stronens..Janika came over..We drew some fo-sho-ly adorable posters of random adorableness..Malique [spelling?] came over..WILLLY WONKA PLAY!! Christopher played the candyman camera man, he did a great job, and the whole thing turned out wonderful. Then we got home..It was probably 11?
We had already concluded that we wanted to watch a Scary Movie. After sending out texts, tweets, etc..We finally decided on one. BUT, we couldn't get it to load on Christopher's computer. So then we decided on another one, yet. Janika was already out, Kesia was baking.
What do me and Christopher do?
Frogger. Heck to the yes. :)

Anyways, we got our other movie to play..15 minutes into it, I was out. And apparently, I didn't miss much. Haha. But the next thing I know, I wake up at 3.. Laying in the floor, banket-less and pillow-less. Oh it was wonderful. Did I mention there was an arm slung across my face? Well..That happened too. Then..I wake up at 7, and I'm sandwiched in between two humans. Wonderful. And I'm STILL pillow-less, and blanket-less..Ahh..

BUT, it was soooooo worth it. Last night/this morning, was great :)

Wonderful Night.
'Nough said.

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