Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I have decided that I want to do a little "Weekly..Post? Type thingy?"..Obviously its going to be called *SomethingNewSunday*..

Well, we all know the phrase, "You learn something new everyday." Right? Well..There are probably A LOT of things you learn about yourself in a week. Since Sunday is like the ending/beginning of a new week, I figured I could just post a few things I learned about myself, and then all of you lovely followers can link up in the comments column and play along. I think it'd be great...Soo...Here we go.

What I have learned...

1. I really, really want to make it my goal to visit the Chicago beach this summer. I want to so bad -hence, the picture I used for this week. Isn't it just gorgeous? And, it would just be beyond amazing to visit it with..Ms. Kesia :) And I know she agrees..Haha.

2. I love brunch..Being in Chicago..Well, more importantly, on vacation, you don't really wake up early? Right? So you never really get to eat a correct breakfast, soooo..You have a brunch. And Chicago is just the Brunch Central..Its great. And now, I'm obsessed. 

3. I can work pastel colors...I got an adorable pink, polo-ish shirt from H&M yesterday..I can totally work it.

4. I am addicted to music. I cannot live without it. 

5. My "black skinny jeans" aren't black. They're navy blue. I have been living a lie. Its very depressing..And also it made me feel uncoordinated because I was wearing black flats and..They just didn't match at all...

Well, there you have it folks! There will be more facts on different weeks..Just depends. :) If you would like to play along, you can just link up in the comments section! [I'd love that, fyi]

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