Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Chat, FAIL..And..Excitedness

Ahh, so my dear friend, Damon 'Brachford' McCarley and I are talking again -we didn't talk for about a month due to retardness(mainly on his part). And so, I also haven't seen in in 4 months. And we used to video chat for like 5 or 10 minutes..So we were gonna try, and it failed. Epicly. :( Oh well. I will see him first thing tomorrow morning(: And we have both decided that we will reunite with a huge huge huge hug. Hahaha, so retarded -yes I know.

And, so, that leads us to our next topic. Why am I excited about something, you might ask..

Well, my friends. Tomorrow is the second day of the Assembly(: Yay! I get to see so many people and meet so many new people! It will be great..! I am also...Most likely...Going to purchase my new Nikon tomorrow night. And yea, I know I have said so many times that I was gonna get in previously, but the time has just not been on our side and we have not been able to, but since the assembly is in Atlanta on our way home we go through Kennesaw where Best Buy is and my camera is in best buy(: Yayness!! Okay so now I am about to start rambling..So goodnight!! Pictures tomorrow!(:


P.S. My vans delima has not been yet been solved. Although I did find a pair of green/white ones..And Mom did not like them hardly. So looks like I will be getting the purple/black ones, eventually. (: Which really is what I want. So I am happy!

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