Thursday, November 18, 2010

Live for today..And NOT tomorrow(:

Heyy!! So, like, wow. Thats all I have to say about today, jaykayy..I have tons to talk about.

So, what was I involved in today?

  • College Spirit Day -I wore my Auburn Jersey (12, Brandon Cox)
  • A very very heated fight. Well I wasn't in it, but I was most certainly between it..Scary. Very very very much.
  • Filming the JV Boys and Varsity Boys basketball game against Adairsville. Adairsville's coach was cute. Haha!
  • Eating at El Pueblito with the basketball girls! 
Thats about it, but if I highly explain all of those bullets..You would probably be laughing your gludeous maximous off. LOL. 
I will explain that fight though however..
Okay, so, we are learning about the slaves in stuff back in the Civil War times..And someone was just joking around about black people. And Brison, my black boy buddy, jumps up and starts cussing like crazy. He said the F-Bomb like 50 times. And I was right between him and Jake. It was scary..! :O But its all worked out now. Brisons cool and the other guy is cool too. 

Alright wellllll, I think I am gonna go run(:

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