Monday, November 1, 2010

The Proposal

Well..I was in Savannah, Ga this past weekend with some friends..And we were just sightseeing all of the BEAUTIFUl Squares that James Oglethorpe planned out for us in the 1800's. Anyway, we were in the Madison Square. It has a gorgeous fountain in the middle of it. Well as we were walking by, we noticed a couple sitting there..
All of a sudden...
He drops down on one knee....

He proposed. Right. Then. And. There. It was amazing to see so much passion, love, happiness, anxiousness, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. It was beautiful..

It makes me want to skip about 10 years, so maybe that could happen to ME. A girl can dream, huh? :) Just thought I should share that moment..!

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