Monday, November 15, 2010

Living a Teenage Dream

Greetings! How is everyone?! I am good..Well no actually. They are taking my grandfather to the er right now, so I am okay. Not good. :( 

But anywho, lets just take our minds off that. 
So todays happenings...
I downloaded the 'Teenage Dream' from Glee this past week by all the gay guys. I love it! Haha..Way better than Katy's actual version. Ha!

I am now rocking a bright blue nail polish -An August Marie inspired me of course.(: 

I am also STILL in my favorite Elmo Pajama pants(: They are freaking beast! 

Another topic..The Assembly, I just hate the fact that I couldn't go. Especially after seeing all the pictures and all..But I guess I will have my own pictures next weekend. I hope. Pleaseee let mee goo(:

Ahh, its so fall outside now(: And I love it, all the leaves are falling and whatnot. And its just absolutely beautiful in my backyard! Dad even built a fire for us in our pit. And then I demolished him in GOLF(: If you want to know how, well my dad put in a putting green along with tee boxes. Its great!

Do anyone of you know the song Jack and Diane? By John Cougar Mellowcamp or whatever? Yes. That song. I cannot stop singing it. I love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE.

And I think the last thing I am gonna mention..Is the wonderful breakfast dad made for us. It was great..Pictures(:

And, just so you know..I am just now posting this since I just got home from Gadsden due to a family sickness -more on that later

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