Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well hey there, everyone. How's it going..Well as you all know, yesterday I ate a little too much than I needed and I was SUPPOSED to kill myself on the eliptical..Eeek, I'm still alive right now. Do you know what that means..? I didn't run last night :O 

I know, shame shame..But believe me, I will do it tonight! I promise on my life. Ha. 

Anywho, more about today..Is anyone else just DEAD tired? Because I am. But of course, I did go to bed at like 12:00 this morning, I guess that could be why..But still I have sorta been sleeping good and going to bed early and I am still tired! Wtc, right? I know, I know. Buuuuut, today was just terrible. It just was. Period. Although I have no homework except a itty bitty tad of algebra left over :) But thats not a problem. 
Well guess what tomorrow is?! Its college day at school..Lol. We wear college attire of our favorite team <3 Hello Auburn Jersey!

So..That was my day, in a nutshell of course. Lol. 
PC & <3

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