Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holga. Hahaha.

So, my friends..I just found out what a Holga Camera is. Now on Photobucket there is a photography category that is named 'Holga'. And I just now realized about 5 minutes ago that that is a type of camera. And get this, its made of plastic. A plastic camera? Yes, there is like no lens either. Its pretty weird. But I want one! Really really bad now. They take great pictures!(: 

But now, I guess you might be wondering, why on earth am I not at the Assembly?! 
Well. Both of my parents happen to be sick. In bed. And me stuck on the couch eating poptarts. Yea, sounds fun right? Wrong. This sucks. I was really really really hoping to get to go to the Assembly to see everyone, but apparently my parents' health is just not wanting to be my friend right now. So. I guess we will be going BOTH days NEXT weekend. 

...So much for going to Gadsden...

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