Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have come to some conclusions here lately on my list of obsessions..Everybody has 'em, right? Well I do. Fo sho.

So anywho..My obsessions...
  • Scarves. Like seriously. Yesterday I woke up..And like I put on my favorite grey short-sleeved shirt. Skinnys. And my pink scarf. Now to tell the truth, I have never worn that scarf a day in my life. Then I grabbed my vans. And I do believe that it looked great. Call me conceded, but it definetly did. So thats my favorite obsession right now...                                                    
  • Vans! Now I own a pair of Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip-Ons..Well I have for a few years now. And..I love them, like with all my heart! I wear them mainly with my Skinnys..But they look good with straight-legged jeans too.
  • Skinnys(: This is my nickname for my favorite skinny jeans. They are Sweetheart, mid-rise, ultra dark wash, skinny..From Old Navy!! They were only 19.99(: Amazing, right? Yes. Yes. I know!
  • Cameras. But, what's new? They are always my obsession <3
  Annnnnnnnnnnnd, for a very very very LARGE finish....
  • GLEE! I swear I could watch it for years..And me and my best friend will have matchiing shirts very shortly, (:

Alright, thats all for now!

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