Saturday, November 13, 2010

I feel a change coming on...

Have you ever just, like, knew something was about to change. Or be different than what you're used too..? Well, thats what I am feeling right now. For some odd reason, I just think something -pertaining to me- is about to change. But..Actually I think I know what it is(: 
I believe I am changing!
Well, when I was in 5th grade I definitely was not a prep like I am now. I wore vans and Skinnys like crazy. But now I mainly only wear sweaters and sperrys. But I am going crazy about buying a new pair of vans and more skinnys. And so I think that change is that I am going back to that "Style", but hey, thats fine with me. Because I love it(: 

More to come laterrr! 

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