Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday of November!

Wellll, today, November 5, 2010..Is officially the first Friday in november! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone -and still going- by!! 

Anywho..I have a few updates I would LOVE to share with you all. And some pictures. 

~As of today (thanks to Me, Javier, and my Dad), our backyard is finished!..And it's muy bonito! <3

~Last Sunday, when I was at the beach on Tybee. Well. My camera just spazzed out on me, like seriously. So now I can't use it at all. Which I am not sad or disappointed about. Because NOW I get a new camera :D This girl would give anything for a new camera anytime. That last Fujifilm Slider SUCKED. But at this moment I have decided that I am gonna get this flipping amazing Nikon! Just like I had before..Gah I am so excited!!

~I was sick today, and stayed home from school. So I accomplished ALOT! :)

~Our fireplace will be ready to use in the very near future!

~I discovered that I HATE matches. They literally scare the living crap out of me...
Not to mention that I cannot light one worth a flip, but I guess that might be a good thing.

~Our Assembly is in like 9 days? Yes. I have done a very detailed countdown. And I am happy to say that Mami purchased the most adorable Purple Wool dress that I will wear with stockings..And I will look amazing <3

~A couple of guy friends of mine sang at our kareoke(spell?) party on Wednesday night at our lodge we stayed at, and they sang this song "In the Air Tonight". It. Has. Been. In. My. Head. All. Day. But I love it!!!!!!!!

~I love the song, "Bottoms Up". Just saying.

~And..Last of all..Nana bought me The Last Song. Am I excited about that?!? Uhhh yes :)


Well..Here are a few pictures of the newly finished backyard!

 My swing :)

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