Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vans..1st Round..Glee(:

Vans! 1st Round !!! Glee!(: Parkas!

This blog post is rated A for amazingness. Be prepared, kay? Kay.

Vans!! Okay so, I am just really pumped up about my Vans! I don't know why though, but they are just making me happy. Hehe. But I did -sadly- discover a hole on the right shoe :( Buuut, they still look great. I colored the back of them pink so its black/pink checkerboard(: And madre has decided she will get me a new pair. But I am stuck on what color to get..Black/Purple? Green/White? Aqua/Black? Mainly its just black/purple or aqua/black..But I will pick it out soon(:

1st Round! Well, last week was my High School's Region Championship..We won. For the tenth year in a row. And so tonight was the 1st round of the playoffs..If we win the next 2 or 3, we go to the Georgia Dome! Amazing right? Yes. Yes. It is. Very much so, haha. Anywho so me and my dad go to every home game -no matter what! And tonight we played Manchester. That was just a great game. Let's just start at the beginning. I got there, I immediately found Kelsi, Hope, and Taylor. I got a piece of pizza..And we walked. Then we met up with Victor and BlackBoiBuddy(: Hahaha, PARTY. Just talked and walked..Then we went back to the concessions. Got hot chocolate, and then watched halftime show. It was great. Manchester had a Batman Drum Major -more about him very shortly. Then we did our show. Poker Face, Kung Foo Fighting, Blue Bayou, and The Pretender. Poker Face is just legitness. Pure. Legitness(: Lol. Anyway, after the halftime show all band members have '3rd quarter break'. And so what did we do? We found Batman. Asked for a picture. Annnnnnnd, we got it. As you can see above. It looks bad, but it means a lot to us. Haha. So, Batman's name was Kerry. And the other guy is Ryan. They are just so cool!! Haha we talked for like ever and ever and ever(: Then I found Hope again..And we found Victor and just partied!
Me and Hopeee!(:

Glee!!(: Well, my loves. I love Glee. More than anything, I just love it. And I found this shirt..That is absolutely adorable. And madre is gonna buy it :D Its so cute. Pictures later!

Parkas...(: I really really really want a parka hat. You know those hats with ear flaps? Yea one of those!! Someone buy me one..Preferably this one from Target for only 14.99(: Well now the picture won't upload :( But its adorable and its a sock monkey? Look it up y'all and then buy it for me!

Ha! Okay..Well its time for me to go now..I am gonna start typing random stuff -I am so tired-. So byeee everyone! Sleep good. Dream big. Wake up happy. Tomorrow is a new day!! (: PC&<3

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