Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day3: AHabitYouHave(ThatYouWishYouDidn't)

Well..I have quite a few, sadly.

  • I bite my nails..When I get scared, or nervous.
  • I'm a terrible perfectionist..With almost everything [Artwork, Organizing, Cooking, Outfits..Etc.]
  • I tend to get attached to people..Waaaaaaay too easily.
  • I don't listen to people when I'm angry. 
  • I cry for the most ridiculous reasons..I could be watching the most cheerful, happy, lovey-dovey, movie...And BAWL
  • In large crowds, I get nervous. Really, really nervous. 
I think thats it..I thought I had more than that..But maybe not!

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