Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Penny For My Thoughts


Dashboard Confessional is on repeat right now. [My new 'obsess-over-for-a-week' band :)]

I burned 400 calories today. [That's not all I burned..Its what I burned when running, and I have a picture to prove it]

I cannot wait 'til the upcoming weekend..[Kes might come up, annnnnd Ema's grad party]

I'm very excited that I'm back in school...For a good month until the next break :D

I hate my Literature teacher. 

Algebra is my thing..

I hate when I come home from somewhere, and its late..And I have to unpack. *LookOfDoomTowardsBags*

I'm in deep, deep, PASSIONATE love with my Goodwill Find...Brand-Spanking-tadiefor-NineDollar Formal Dress!!!!

Gorgeous? Yeah. I know.

Just remember..





Soo...Thats about it, for now, of course..!


  1. LOVE Dashboard Confessional- my very fave! And that dress is stunning

  2. that's an incredible deal! i'm so stoked for you. i like to see people getting good deals! i bet you can get some good deals on jewelry and shoes to match :)