Friday, January 21, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!

Guess what everyone?!
Its Fridayyy!!! 
So..You know what that means...
Fill In The Blank Friday!
And just before I begin..
I am deeply, madly, and passionately in love with this week's picture. :)

1. My favorite quote is Oh my..I have no clue. There are just so many of them..A lot of them are scriptures too. I'm very, very obsessive about writing down scriptures I like. :) So basically...I don't know [at the moment]

2. A bad habit I have is I'm a terrible procrastinator. Examples..

-I don't pack for something until the night before.
-I don't do my homework until the day its due.
-I don't clean my room until Mom makes me do it by 'special-mom-forces'

3. The first time I felt like a "grown up" was I really don't know, lol. I mean..I definitely look like I am in the 16-18 years of age-range and so people [all the time] think I'm older..Or a "grown up"..But to be honest I never really think about it. Maybe like the first time waitresses didn't give me a kid menu at a restaurant..Haha. IDK.

4. Weekends are lazy days. Ohh yeah. Saturday= Service..Or sleeping late. And then usually nothing to do afterwards, so that's when I get caught up with my blog nonsense and such. Sunday= Meeting in the morning..Annnnd..Then..Getting ready for school the next day. :( 

5. When I was a child I wished my name was Isla. Don't ask. Supposedly, when I was kid [I was OBSESSED with playing house..I'd always have a kid too..] annnnd I would always name my kid Isla. So..Mom thinks that I wanted my name to be Isla when I was little. Haha..I like it. Maybe I will name my kid that..[ONE DAY, PEOPLE]

6. I wish I had an older brother[to be protective of me and such..], I was in high school and driving..My friends lived closer. I ALWAYS end up having to literally drive somewhere to see my friends. Ughh.

7. A secret I have is ..I actually just don't have secrets. Or any that I would like to post for the world to see. Sooo..Umm...Let me just say I'm not gonna post a secret, and say I did. :D

And that's it people! 
Fill In The Blank Friday for..
January 21, 2011,
is complete :D

If you want to play along..Just head on over to The Little Things We do Blog and complete it..And then get yourself some advertising and put your link there!

Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. Isla is a lovely name...but odd for a little kid to pick :)

  2. cute blog!
    i have 4 older brothers, they are not always that