Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day Of A New Decade..

Woo! It's the first day of 2011 AND a new DECADE..This is amazing, in fact, its beyond amazing..So beyond amazing, that I don't even know a word to describe it :O

Anywho, I am back in Gadsden..[Yes, once more. Apparently I just can't get enough of Gadsden..Or Gadsden can't get enough of me..Either way..] But I went to a wedding with the Claireybeary and Laurie. I'm not gonna lie...The wedding was lame. NO ONE danced. Like, I'm not even exagerating..Ugh it was crazy-gone-mad. But I did take some lovely pictures that I will edit Tuesday evening when I arrive back in Calhoun.

So..More about 2011 and the new Decade..
I have came up with a few goals..
And I just want to share..
Here we go..

-I want to learn how to Knit/Crochet.
-Get my permit this October...
-Get my liscense in 22 months :D
-Go to New York..All by myself.
-Graduate from Calhoun High School in 2015.
-Fall in love? Yes. I hope so.
-Watch Claireybeary grow up (':
-Go to SCAD
-Get baptized.
-Become a Pioneer.
-Do all I can to become a better person!

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