Friday, December 31, 2010

Day2: FavoriteSeason&Why?

Hmm..My Favorite Season would have to be..Autumn. 

How can you NOT love Autumn..Everything is gorgeous. The leaves..The grass is changing into a brownish color, yet still has a green tint. The sun rises earlier in Autumn too :) Which I love! [I hate waking up when its dark] Fall is also great too, because the warm sweaters are coming out of the closet finally..And they are just perfect to wear with Skinnys and Saddle Boots. And top it off with a long necklace just the way I like it(; And another great thing about Autumn is the APPLE FEST! Ahh, since I live in Calhoun..I only live about 45 minutes away from Ellijah, Ga -home of the wonderful, annual, 2 week Apple Fest. Ahh, its amazing..!

Mhmm, and you know what that means..Fresh, Hot, Apple Cider!!

Wooo! Well..I love Autumn and now you know why (:

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