Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Storing up pain, nurturing your hurt, plotting revenge - all these punish you more than they do the backstabbers."
-Les Parrot

This, my friends..Is excellence.
I mean, really.
How often do we not store up our heartache..Plot revenge, and such..?
Hardly never.
When you really think about it, 
when you do all this, you're proving that you're letting it get to the backstabber.
And, the reality is..Is that if you don't do all those things, and move on.
Its not gonna hurt as bad.

The last two days[yesterday&today] have been great.
-I'm finally getting back into the swing of things..Going to school and all.
-I have been eating greatly.
-I have been working out.
-I went out in service yesterday.
-Annnnnd..School has been LOADS of fun. 

Alright..That's it for now(:

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