Friday, January 14, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday!

1.   I feel happy when       I'm with my friends..And having fun. It makes me feel great.,And proud that I'm able to share the happiness I'm feeling with my friends. 

2.  I get silly when    When I stay up half the night..Ah. But its great. Oh and when I drink more than 3 cups of Dr. Pepper. Oh lawdy. Hahaa   .

3.  Something that makes me sad is       when people talk about me behind my back. I don't care if its good or bad, but I mean just say it to my face please. Thank you. And when I'm home alone on weekends with nothing to do ):

4.  Something that makes me annoyed is   people who brag and are very rude..friends who are only friends for a short period of time..people who drink too much and then they get 'rowdy'.

5.  A time that I've been truly surprised was        I don't really know actually...

6.  I am so thankful for       my friends. They are the best.  And my family . I mean I wouldn't be here without them. [That was cheesy. Ha.]

7.  I feel loved when       When people ask me to be involved with them..Like just drive around town, go to there house, movies, etc. I feel loved and I'm a very 'involved' person, meaning: I love when I'm able to go do things with groups of people and stuff like that. I also feel loved when people hug me(: Lol.

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Have a fun, great, and safe weekend Bloggers!

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  1. love all of you answers!!! have a great weekend