Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spontaneous-ness..Oh yes. Bring me joy.

So..I should be in bed, but instead I am looking up pictures on Photobucket/Google..
Staring in awe..
At either..
People's photographic talent..
Things I want..
Really awesome random things..

Oh and I'm curled up with a bag of Garlic-Croutons..Yes. I'm a fatty. What's it to ya?

I want this. This is a Juicy Couture -High end stuff, people- charm..I have the bracelet. And only have one other charm. Therefore, I don't even have it on there...Buuuuut, if I had this one..I would use them. And my bracelet would be great. So..Someone wanna give me $80.00 for this? :D

-Maggianos's Little Italy= Way, way, way better version of Olive Garden. I'd kill for Mushroom Ravioli right now.

Not sure if this is in Atlanta..Or what..But I know this picture is certainly amazing.


If I die, I want to die eating these.


  1. love your header! love that charm! :)
    thanks for visiting my blog!! :)
    im now a follower! :)

  2. Thank you! And yes..I really really LOVE that charm too (: