Thursday, January 13, 2011

I said 'Brr. Its cold in here, there must be something in the atmosphere. Oh we, oh we, ohy..Ice. Ice. Ice'

Yep. I just stated 'Bring It On' lyrics. 

Cause I'm just that awesome..

Well anywho. I concur with my status. 
I'm. Sick. Of. The. Cold. Hard. Snow.
And cold weather in general. I'm ready to wear this, again.

Geez. This snow is just tiring!! Like I love playing in it..But when you fall, like on the second day its there, it hurts like crap. So. Yeah. I'm sick and tired of it.


But whatever. It ain't gonna go away by me whining. 
Anyone else missed a couple days of school for it? I have missed 3 and tomorrow we're out too. BUT! Last week [due to the Stomach Virus I had], I missed Thursday and Friday. Geez...One whole week out of school. Its crazy. But its been nice. But it'd be even nicer if I could go back tomorrow. But 'the roads are icey still'..Yeah. Right. Lol. Okay I'm getting mean. 

I'm gonna post a video..Its from today. 
Today was great. 
Sledded with Kristen, Morgan, and Darien at Kristen's grandma's house. It was amazing.
Then we ate at El Nopal with the Palmers and Frix's...Fun junk.

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