Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Friend is....

So I was totally inspired by this blog right here, check it out... 

I had recently asked KMarie if I could take this idea..And she said yes -as long as I give her all credit for it-, but there are a million expostions as to what a best friend is. Aren't there? So, I thought I could come up with a list. Here we go.

Best Friend is...
When you can insult each other in the worst ways ever and then say, "I love youu," truthyfully.

When you have a bulletin board or photo album filled with INSANE pictures.

When you don't ask your parents if they can come over, they just show up at your door.

First day of High School and you both cry together because you get lost.

When he breaks up with her, and you have a shovel ready to burry him when you're done with him.

Staying up all night giggling and then waking up 8am and thinking it was worth it.

Lists and lists of inside jokes.

Staying on the phone for hours..With nothing being said, but you're still happy.

Stealing each others clothes and never giving them back.

Writing the most ridiculous things on each other's Facebook wall  when others have no idea what they mean. 

Calling their Mom, "Mom."

So, I think we can all agree that most of us and experienced these cases, right? I know I have.

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