Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Ahhh yeeeea (:

Well. Its been 22 days since my last blog and I have to say, I have been very, very sad that I have not been able to blog any. 

  • First of all, my computer got a Trojan Horse Virus on it, soooooo. Yeah. I couldn't use it. I almost died.
  • Theeeeen, it was time for me to go to Nana and Papa Rob's house and I took Daddy's computer, buuuut it wouldn't connect to the internet..I almost died again.
  • Annnnd lastly, I went to Gatlinburg for Christmas Weekend and we didn't have a computer that. Annnnnnd I almost died. 

So. How was Gatlinburg? 


Oh. Wow.

Well, we knew that there would be snow, but before we left Gadsden..The forcast was ONLY 1-2 inches. And how many inches did we wake up with on Saturday morning? 6. YES. 6 INCHES. And being the un-prepared family we were..The car we had had no 4WD OR CHAINS. We were officially snowed in for the day. Ugh. It sucked. But I can say we did have a nice time playing in the snow and all. 

Built a crappy snowman.
Had an amazing snowball fight. Everyone was included. (HA!)
Made snow-angels.
Grilled out.
Me and Claire flooded out bathroom with the whirlpool.
Took great pictures.
Played Charades soooo soooo sooo many times. Lol. 
-The hilarious thing about this is the fact that me and Claire were a team and then Laurie and Dana played too...Some of the things me and Clare did..

Pretended to be an elephant.
The Titanic scene where Jack holds Rose up on the front of the ship.
We were lions.
I was the mother and she was the child.
So. Charades was great.

And the list continuess...
We watched Titanic.
Took naps while 16&Pregnant was on.
Annnd some other fun things too(:

So. For now..I'm going to unpack. I will blog more later :)

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