Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishful Wednesday(:

All I have been able to think about ALL DAY today has been what I want..I have no clue why. Just in the mood? IDK. But anywho, I thought a few of them were blog worthy.

And now, I have another fabulous idea..Do a  segment on my Blog called Wishful Wednesday(: Every week, I do one blog about something I got that was on a  previous wishlist..Or just a new item in general..!
If you have a blog and you follow me, I highly suggest you do this, I wanna know what y'all like!  

Black Jeggings. Buuut, I have found the pair I want and they will be purchased at Old Navy in a very short period of time :D

I really really really want someone to teach me how to crochet. I would LOVE to be able to make my own scarves, since I have been identified with a rather large scarf addiction. 

For the time in art class right after Christmas that I will be creating my own journal..Binding and all(:

More Blog Followers. Actually no..This isn't a WANT or a WISH. Its a NEED. Lawdy.

Tickets to see 3oh!3 with Claire. 

Annnnnnnd Kesha, that would be great too. GET SLEAZY tour 2011.

My black/purple vans to HURRY the HECK up and GET HERE!

Sperries to be fixed, I can't stand not being able to wear them.  

All the drama in my life to disappear. HAHA. Who am I kidding? Thats never gonna happen.

Well, thats it for now(: I can't wait for next Wednesday. I love this. 


  1. Hi Anna!
    This is Chloe!
    Thanks for following me on Twitter!
    I love new followers! And since I've just discovered your blog and I love it, and I'm just such a good blogger friend, and I've just read you want/NEED followers, then... TA-DA! I'm your new follower!! Does it make you happier??? :)
    Hope so!
    Okay, so this is my wishlist:
    Stop feeling sick. I've spent a really bad night. Vomit is not something I like...
    I wish I had more money!
    I wish I had more blog followers too!
    And finally, I wish my days had 25 hours!

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  3. Hi, Chloe! No problem..I read some of your blog(And LOVED it) and you seemed pretty cool! And it makes me very VERY happy that I have another follower (:

    Aw, sorry you're sick..I'm glad I have been blessed to not get stomach sicknesses that much. Just strep. All the time!
    Don't we all wish we had more money?!
    Annnnnd, what would you do with that extra hour?! I would sleep. Ha!

  4. With that extra hour... I would sleep too! Or write posts on my blog! haha