Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Bee. Busy Bee. Literally.

Soo..I have not blogged since the 22nd of November. And I am soo soo soooo sorry about that, because I really do love blogging. Even though there are only like 5 people who keep up. *DepressedFace*

Anywho, I have traveled quite a bit actually..And done many things the past week..? Yea its been a little over a week.
  • Went to Cade's Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains!
  • Got hit by a Waste Management Truck
  • Went to Gadsden
  • Saw the Special Assembly Day for the 2nd time in Bessemer, Al.
  • Annnnd, many other things that I can't really think of right now.

But, I am gonna do a blog for just about all those events. Tonight. I promise..!

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