Thursday, December 30, 2010

Picture Recap of 2010

Soo..To do this..I was inspired by 2 lovely blogss..
Numero Uno annnnnd Numero Doz
And so basically..I'm gonna do a Big Ole Mesh-Up of those 2. BusyBee's was more of photography..L&P's was more of just happenings...

Soo..Some of mine will be photography. Yet, some will be the lovely people I experienced 2010 with (:

Ready? Set. Go!

I became addicted to Sour Patch Kids..


Dear John came out..Ahh..Annnnnd I kissed Channing Tatum (;

My fingernail got frigged up..Again. 

Me and Kesia became best friends (:

Boys Like Girls concert with Kes and Damon (: [Kes's first concert ever..]

My first formal..One of the funnest nights, ever *period*

I stayed in Gadsden for 3 weeks. Whew.


Santa Rosa with the parents (:

                                                                                                  Lost in Stereo pictures were created..(:

Football season begins..(:



                                                         Look Ma! No Hands album created..(:

Savannah and Tybee Island with the Fam!

  Dahlonega Field Trip!! 


 Cade's Cove with friends <3

The Domeeee


P.S. Miss Kesia that you saw in quite a few of these pictures also has a blog and I HIGHLY encourage you to go check it out..:)

An August Marie

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