Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That's Legit

Few things to mention to y'all...
I have gotten pretty tired of the 30 days of truth challenge, and so I think I am gonna take a break, BUT believe me. I will finish it..Eventually. Ha.

Buuuut, on another good note. I have some more things to share!
Well..I have noticed that December has been so nice to all of my friends and junk, and so..I'm not. Well, let me rephrase that. I WASN'T going anywhere. But now I am. And so I am gonna share a few reasons why December is being nice to me (:

  1. Its bring snow to Lil Ole Calhoun! Yes. Snow. I love it too. It might not be sticking, but it sure is falling down very hard and making me extremely happy. Lol.
  2. Christmas Break- No. I do not celebrate Christmas, buuuuut I still get 3 weeks off school. Greatness, right? Oh yes.
What will I be doing Christmas Break?! Well. Bright and Early Friday morning -so I should start packing soon- I will be headed to FMC with Madre for Nana -from Gadsden- to get meee! Yay. Well you're probably like, 'Don't you go to Alabama all the freaking time?' Well yea, I do. But this time Claire will be off school so major party for me and her, and then Christmas weekend I am going to Gatlinburg with Dana, Laurie, Claire, and Cameron. Just like our annual Florida trip :D It's gonna be greatness. I swear. Haha.

3. Warm, warm, WARM sweaters! Annnnd, since I am a scarf addict. Warm, warm, WARM sweaters..With scarfs!!!! I love it. I really do. Because my winter days consist of...
-Plain Jane long sleeve shirts/Sweaters
-Vans or Sperries
-Annnnd, Skinny Jeans! Woooooohoooooo!

4. Hot Chocolate. Yea I know, I can drink hot chocolate on June 21 and it still be the same, buuut it just makes everything better if I am drinking it when its freezing outside. Call me crazy, but its what I do..


P.S. You know how people walk on Sunshine..And dance in the rain?
Well. I walk on snow. And I dance in the snow.


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