Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facts On A Cold Winter Night

Facts. Facts. Facts.

  • My North Face is just going to always be a hair-attractor.
  • I want an older brother, and I can't have one. 
  • My eyes look weird without mascara.
  • I will be purchasing my new (PINK) Nikon S4000 at Best Buy on December 10, 2010. That's final. I promise I will have it.
  • The Jackets are going to be playing in the Dome on Friday night.
  • I am a scarf addict.
  • I miss my old best friend, who seems to have forgotten about me. 
"Silence has become normal between us. Not the nice kind of silence, or the comfortable kind of silence. But the awkward kind of silence, like between strangers. Our silence is an avoidance of the truth."

This is very true. And just so that person knows, just for the record, I miss you. And I need you. 

I am now going into depressed mode. Goodnight. 

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