Saturday, October 2, 2010

So..Haven't been on here in forever!

Okay, like the title I have not been on here in absolutely forever, ha. Well that is gonna change. I am soo gonna try to keep up with this as much as possible..I am a very very busy person with traveling and school and whatnot, so bear with me please :)

So, this is my first blog since I made my "Blog thingy" two months ago, if you don't know me all that well, well I am gonna do 20 things that make me, ME!
Here it goes:

1. I swear I would not be able to live without music..Ever. Its just not possible!
2. My outlook on young relationships: "Don't worry about them! You're not done maturing and so your expectations will only change and move higher, you're young, so you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE!!"
3. I absolutely positively love the color pink. 'Nough said
4. Painting is the greatest way to express your feelings :)
5. Layering tanks+DARK wash jeans+Thong sandals= One happy girl!
6. If I didn't know how to make Macaroni and Cheese I would probably die.
7. Why have ONE best friend? You need many..! Well at least I do.
8. TRAVEL! Do it when you can, never say never. You can go anywhere you want to go! "The world is a book, and the one who never travels, only reads one page.."-Anonymous...<- This is just amazing, I would love to marry the person who wrote this!
9. "Love never fails"- 1 Corinthians 13:7
10. Family...I just love it. I am an only child, and and only grandchild on Mom's side..Grandchild of 14 on Dad's side..Again, I. LOVE. IT.
11. Autumn..The reason I love fall is because on some days I wear flip flops and short..Yet on other days I wear boots, jeans, and my oh, so, amazing North Face. Thanks Daddy!
12. I, unlike most people, have TWO middle names! Wow, I just think that is pretty cool, huh? "Anna Riley Zenia Blalock" Riley Zenia are those two names...Riley- Of Irish and Gaelic origin, its means "very courageous one". Zenia- Varient of "Xenia"(Greek origin) it means "Guest, or Stranger" <3
13. savior :D
14. If you ever dig around inside my purse I can guarantee you that you will find: My camera, Gum, and Mascara
15. I. Would. Die. Without. My. Camera. 
16. I could really sit on Photobucket for like...Ever.
17. Forever 21 is where it's at :)
18. Anna is addicted to Facebook..But uh, who isn't?
19. Family trips to Atlanta..Shopping, Eating, and Hanging out with the fam=Fun Fun Fun :))
20. I am Anna Riley Zenia Blalock..And there is nobody quite like meee!

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