Friday, October 8, 2010

Ah!! I haven't blogged in two days!!

Well, none of you missed anything, sadly..Well worth writing about. But yesterday and today have just been amazing. I don't know why. But anywho, tonight is HOMECOMING!!! :) Ohmahgah, I am just sooo excited. 

I went to the parade -which was amazing as well- and rode in the Junior's float!! I also hung out with Kristen, Tanner, Thomas, Jred, and Cade! <--Fun Fun Fun, you just like don't even know. Anywayys, I have got my jeggings on..My 'Jacket' attire and I should be off in about and hour!! Woo hoo! 

Homecoming is always so much fun, well all Friday Night Football games are sooo much fun. I mean its not like I actually WATCH the game(Cause I don't) I walk and talk. Y'all should really try it sometime :) Well, I am off to go walk and talk!

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