Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dark Wash Jeans....Comfy Sweaters...And adorable necklaces!

So, I just really really really LOVE dark wash jeans, comfy sweaters, and long necklaces :) They just look so great together, I mean, do you agree? 

Isn't this the cutest? I love this..And I just got an outfit that almost matches it! I love love LOVE it on soooo many levels! I mean..You just can't go wrong with comfy sweaters, especially in the winter. And, skinny jeans?! They are the greatest!! COMFY! :) So finishing it of...Long. Adorable. Necklaces-They are the greatest thing ever. They top off any outfit perfectly. Try it!! Here is a picture of my look-a-like outfit...
:)))) LOVE THIS :))))

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