Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pickings of a Sicky..

Heeeeey, errbody!

So, like, I'm at home..Just like any other day..But, I got checked out early. Because of my sore throat. I'm pretty sure its Strep. *Bleh* So I've been at home since about 12:30 and all I have done is..
-Go from pretty to boyish-looking-sick-girl-with-a-messy-bun
-Make *okayish* Deviled Eggs..They aren't my best.
-Discover that my tv won't work..D:
-NOT be able to find He's Just Not That Into You [My favorite move. Like. Ever]
-Annnnnnnnnd, lay around on the computer and browse Glamour.com, Facebook.com, Photobucket.com...ETC.

I'm productive? Oh. You know it (:

I just found a couple of things..And I'd like to share. 

I NEED this.
I'm totally in LOVE with that skirt..Seriously, I need to find a similar one.

You're Beautiful by James Blunt #nowplaying

Anything from here.. Gorgeous Jewelry! 
I really, really want the *ShutterBug* one (: [Of course..Haa..]

And yet..Another Camera Necklace..Check it

The Navy Pier..My favorite thing about going to Chicago..Well..Besides shopping downtown.

Well..These were my findings of my sick afternoon..
Did everyone else have a good Tuesday?
Hope so!


  1. OH, I so need that bracelet. *WishList*

  2. Love the pictures! So sorry you arent feeling well- strep is the worst!

  3. I know! I want it too..But I think I want the Camera Necklace more..Of course.

    Shalyn- Thank you! And yes, I know..:( Oh well, it won't last long hopefully!