Monday, February 14, 2011

High School!

I signed up for classes todayy! Omg..You just don't even know how excited I am about High School..Its gonna be the best (:

My classes are..

-Honors Literature
-Honors Biology
-Honors Math
-CP Government [1st Semester]
-CP Geography [2nd Semester]

Electives are...
-Health [1st Semester]
-PE [2nd Semester]
-Video Productions
-Graphics and Design

Buuut, we had to pick 3 Back-Up electives just in case our first choices were full..

-Construction..[HAHAHAHAHA] I can't wait.
-Computing in the modern world
-Pottery (:

Its gonna be amazing..I can't wait til the day I graduate from Middle School and the Summer in between Middle School and High School..

They are for sure gonna be the best days of my life.


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