Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdayy

Helloooo :) 
Happy ItsAlmostFridayDay!
How is everyone? I'm good, in case your wondering. 

On with the post..I am doing my first 'Awkward & Awesome Thursday' originally created by the one and only Sydney from The Daybook..You can check out hers if you click on that link! If you would like to play along, just create your post and then Link up :)

So here goes..

Since its very very warm..I wore this..


- The third picture is probably one of the most oddest pictures I've ever taken. 
- I get random death stares from my math teacher quite a bit.
- I slept in sliding shorts last night and woke up very..Awkward feeling. 
- Its not Friday yet.
- I'm really hungry and I have no clue what we have in our kitchen, AND I'm too lazy to go see.
- I haven't had a friend over to my house..In weeks. Hopefully that will change tomorrow night (;
I stepped on a sprinkler and now my foot won't stop bleeding. 


- I feel really nice because I cleaned the entire kitchen today, just so Kristen could spend the night tomorrow night.
- Tomorrow is Friday :)

-Its raining, so I will most likely wear my rainboots tomorrow.
- My pictures I took earlier are pretty amazing. 
- I have a new formspring follower, Draik Grant :D

I guess nothing else was really awesome about today. 


  1. I love your florally background! So cute. Cute pictures, I think I have the same top in blue!

  2. your header and layout are just the cutest.

    also, i like how you did the awkward and awesome. that is a cute tank top, i have a blue one like it. virtual high five!!

    cheers to more awkward and awesome moments.

  3. what a cute blog (:
    love your photos, darlin!